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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who is this filthy beast?

Who is this dirty creature? Could it be.....Gilly? I just knew when I put him back in the field he was going to hit Pokey's dust bowl. Pokey has several dust bowls around, he LOVES to take dust baths; it's a donkey thing. Apparently Gilly has watched his little friend and decided it was a GOOD thing to do.

I rode Gilly for about half an hour today. First I worked in the garden and it was overcast, nice breeze blowing and I thought to myself...(when I get this stuff done I'm going to ride for a bit)
I figured that flies wouldn't be too bad, we have the nasty little green horse flies right now, ugh!
So after I finished about 1:30 I went inside to get my jeans on and get some water to drink. I was outside with Gil at 2:00.

Had a lot of brushing to do, dust everywhere on Gil. Then saddled him up and sprayed and sprayed with fly spray, put on his riding face fly mask, worked him a bit first. He was being a real brat and was refusing to give to pressure, the reins. We did some flexing and finally he softened a bit. I wish I had had the camera with me, must remember to take it next time, the faces he makes when he is resisting. He will grit his teeth and wrinkle his nose, "I D-O-N'-T W-A-N-T T-O!!!!

Finally he was behaving and up the road we went, no more problems. Just a nice stroll up the road and back. I was having one of those days where I couldn't seem to get myself balanced in the saddle, finally I just kicked my feet out of the stirrups, awww...better!

When I got Gil untacked he was a little sweaty under the saddle pad, girth area and behind his ears. I decided to get the hose out and rinse him off. I figured he would like that. At first he danced around until I sprayed between his hind legs. He decided that felt pretty good, cool water where he was hot. Then I sprayed the girth area and his back, finally I turned the spray to mist setting and sprayed up in the air so it landed on his head. Oh, boy, he didn't think that was such a good idea at first. Then he wanted to be sprayed in the mouth, he likes to have a drink too. I wish I had someone to take photos of this, too funny, I was almost as wet as him when finished so didn't want my camera wet.

I thought he looked pretty cooled off so I put him in the field......well, you can see what he did next!!!

He rolled on both sides but the left side was the worst!
Out eating his supper with his little buddy, Pokey. Just as soon as Gilly was finished rolling Pokey hit the ground and rolled and rolled too. He created quite a dust storm!

Still getting a cool shower must have felt good, Gilly kept sighing was he ate his supper. When they were finished both of them went into the barn and stood in front of their fan and munched on some hay.


JeniQ said...

yanno... sometimes I wonder why we groom and groom when they just go out and roll!

Paint Girl said...

Gilly sure did get himself dirty!! I almost didn't recognize him! Silly horse!

dexmangoldens said...

They love rolling and scratching. Glad you got a ride in today.

Thistlebrooms said...

Bet he LOVED the 'Dust Bowl'...
Even my DOG will do that after I give him a bath (on rare occasions)
I think their ALL Brats Jane!!!
Maybe its a GOOD idea you don't have your camera when the hose is around...

Happy to hear you had a breeze when you did some gardening. We had quite the Thunder Storm with Heavy rains yesterday. Free watering for the gardens.

Does the fan help keep the flies away or just to Cool them off and circulate the air?

Best To You...

allhorsestuff said...

HAHA!You have to know that it FEEELLLS SOOO GOOOOD to roll in the dust! It is his natural fly repellent! Too funny.
He is looking so good Jane. Such a handsome man that Gilly boy is!
Nice ride.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

We have one of our Friesians that heads to the first mud hole he can find!

JoJo said...

This is hysterical! Just like a toddler, you give them a bath and they find dirt to undo what you just did.
Hey, Jane, I finally did it. I bought a horse last Wednesday. Pepper is an 11 year old quarter horse, mostly white (or gray) with tiny black spots. I am SO in love with her and just wish I lived in the country so I could have her on MY place instead of a friend's. But my friend and I went riding on Memorial Day and Pepper handles like a dream. I feel so blessed to be able to finally realize a childhood own horse!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Ooo, that is one dirty boy:) Cute pics.

jane augenstein said...

JeniQ, yes they like to be dirty!

Paint Girl, he really caked it on and Pokey was right behind him!

Julie, I think all that water must have made him itchy!

Marilyn, donkeys are really big on rolling and it does help keep the flies from biting so much. Gilly doesn't get it packed on as much as Pokey. Yes, every time I give the dogs a bath they want to roll in something stinky!

Kacy, yes, but couldn't he have waited until I went in the house? LOL I do need to give him a really good medicated bath and use a scrubby rubber curry to get all the gunk off his skin. Any suggestions on what to use???
Yes, he is handsome in a dirty sort of way!!! LOL

Gail, boys do love to play in the mud! :-D

JoJo, Ooooh how wonderful for you to have your own horse!!! That is really exciting, nothing and I do mean nothing is better than a horse! Awww, love them. PLEASE do email me privately with pictures of your beautiful Pepper, I would LOVE to see her! (
I am so happy for you!!! :-D

Jennifer, Gilly is one bad boy alright!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those are some very contented equine critters.

Almost looked like you had a grey horse with Gilly's dust bath! lol!

It's supposed to be scorching hot this weekend...record temps up into the triple digits! That is so unlike our mountain temps this time of year. And we don;t have A/C. Yikes!


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