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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great day for a ride........

I had ridden Gilly up past our neighbors when I first started to ride and snapped this picture of their building with the new porch. The little building is where my neighbor works on 4 wheelers and dirt bike, he has a back door for getting them into the building. They recently added this neat porch, awning and decorations. I thought it was neat too that she added horse shoes, in various sizes too! Looks nice doesn't it?

Gilly and I rode on but I didn't get any pictures as we rode. We went past another neighbors, they have cows and Gilly was looking around for them but they weren't to be seen. As we approached the bridge and a Blue Heron flew up and over the bridge, Gilly stopped and watched it, we were back far enough that he didn't spook. We crossed the bridge but Gilly was a little concerned that the bird was somewhere around. I assured him that it flew off and horse wasn't in it's diet so he was safe. As we rode on I thought to myself that as soon as we got to the next electric pole we would turn around and head home. I think Gilly picked up on that thought but a little early because at about 10 feet from the pole he started to turn. I turned him back and went to the pole and had him turn on his haunches, which he did and did it well.

Lucy and Gonzo were with me and another neighbors dogs were barking so I am glad we turned around. Gilly isn't much bothered by the dogs but I didn't want to put my dogs are risk. Gilly was watching the bridge again still concerned about the bird but he was long gone.

When we got closer to home I could hear Pokey calling for Gilly. He was standing at the end of the field waiting for us. As we came closer he started trotting up and down the fence, Gilly pays no attention to him.

As we came closer to the house I heard a tractor coming down the road our way. I turned to see a really big tractor coming with a big round bale trailer behind it. Gilly and I got off the road by our barn and turned to watch it go by. He just watched and as it went by I turned him toward it and we started following it down the road. Gilly just trotted along behind it until it speeded up and got away from us.

I stopped at Kim's and the pictures you are about to see she took with my camera. To get the camera to her I had Gilly sidepass over to her deck railing and handed her the camera. Gilly did just what I ask....good boy!

We had moved sideways up the hill a bit from her deck so she could get some pictures of us. Gilly is getting really good at moving to the side or backward if I ask.

Lucy was across the road barking at something so Gilly had to stop and look. Gonzo had walked up on the deck and was taking a nap in the sun. What a lazy dog, if Kim's door had been open he would have gone into the house and got on the couch to take a nap. Kim's house is his second home, since he stayed with them three years ago when Mike and I had to go to Columbus a lot.

Here we are moving sideways down through the yard.

Kim's husband just came out of the house and sit down on the steps and has a big mug of coffee, Gilly is watching.

Now he is really watching and kept nodding his head as if asking if he could PLEASE have a drink of that yummy coffee? He will drink cold coffee, just straight black....uck! Oh, don't worry he has only had some a few times, I am sure coffee isn't good for him.

Here is a picture of my new stirrups, well, Ok, just the one and the horse hair shoo fly isn't attached to my boot either! Yes, the stirrup is a little larger than the English one's I had but boy is it comfortable! The wide foot bed felt great on my feet, it has put my foot at a little different angle so it will take some getting used to.

Here is a close up, it has a leather rough out piece with Velcro holding it on. It is also padded for more comfort. It made for a really nice ride, my feet are happy!!! :-)

After the ride I let Gilly eat grass where Pokey is now. Well, Pokey had a fit running back and forth along the fence where he could see Gilly and he wanted out to eat too. So I put Gilly back in the field after he had eaten about 10 minutes and got the little whiner out so he could have a snack too.

I do have some Sweet William ground cover growing in this mess but the Bermuda grass has taken over. The boys do a really good job of picking it out. I would like to put some cut sandstones at the sides and fill in with some good dirt and have a space for lettuce, carrots, radishes. this is close to the patio and kitchen. Some day!

This is a hind shot of Gilly when he was out there. Hey, Lisa, now this is one BIG butt, I would say bigger than Atta Bay's!!! LOL Looking at this makes me think of how I used to run and jump on my first horse from behind.........not on your life now!!! I bet all I could manage to do is just run into his butt and fall down.....naa, don't think I wanna try it....anyone else want too? Maybe if I back him up to the front porch?


Katharine Swan said...

Ha, Jane, I picture myself running into Panama's butt and falling down if I ever tried to mount from behind, too. Heh. Great mental image -- I needed that laugh!

Glad you had such a nice ride!

Paint Girl said...

That is a cute little building!!
I love Gilly in his fly bonnet, it makes his ears so cute!
And that Pokey, adorable as ever!

Leah Fry said...

Love that little building with the porch, and you and Gil look great!

Jacque. said...

Hey Jane...sounds like a great ride! Glad that the Gilly-boy is listening to you. He is so dang handsome!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! He and Maisie would have been the pair yesterday wearing their matching ride fly masks!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ROFLM big butt off! :-D

Yes, I think Etta Bay sure has some competition with Gilly's ripe-as-a-peach rump! lol!

Gilly is looking so stunning! I don't know what it is, because I've never been excited about bay horses, but I've always been enamored over Gilly.

His fly mask reminds of a medieval horse forging into battle!

He stands perfectly, as if knows he's having his picture taken and he has to look his best.

The two of you look great! Love the stirrups. Not only are they pretty to look at, but the make your hips, knees and feet happy, too!
The saddle is so nice. Is this your newer one?

Such a cool building with the porch, too. Love the old wood siding. Are the horse shoes for each of their family or for the equine they own?
Neat idea!


word verification: equess

When your equine guesses which direction you want to in an "educated equine guess".
Just like Gilly did when it was time to turn around. lol!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I like what your neighbors did with their building. The horse shoes are a great touch. I would like to get some like that. you and Gilly look great!!

jane augenstein said...

Katharine, if I tried that now I would splat like a bug on that big butt!

Paint Girl, yes, very nice little building and decorated so cute. Gilly loves his fly face; I took the seams of the ears in so it would fit him better.

Leah, I'd love to have the porch on the back of my house! Thanks!

Jacque, thanks, I too think he is one handsome boy! :-)

Kate, Gilly would have loved for Maisie to come and ride with us, he loves company!

Lisa, it's all the running up the hills around here that have developed that rotund rump! LOL
I never particularly liked bays either until I got him, I do find him to be one handsome hunk of horse flesh!!
Thanks on the stirrups, I will have to get used to them though, the angle is different than the others were. The saddle is my dressage saddle that I've had for 3 years. Still wanting and thinking of the Aussie but it's is expensive and the dressage is fine so we will see. Maybe I will hit the lottery and then I can buy a trailer too! LOL Then plead with Gilly to PLEASE get in to go for a ride!
Neighbors don't have and never have had horses and it's just the two of them. They may have found them around the old barn they have. Neat decoration though.
LOL love the word verification, funny!

Jennifer, yes, great decorating on the building. Thanks, Gilly and I are a good match, size wise anyway! LOL


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