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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More saddle pads....

 This is the latest saddle pad I finished the other day. (All purpose, spine 21" drop 17".) It was spoken for but so far the person who wanted is hasn't contacted me. It could be for sale if  I am not contacted soon. I love this fabric, so bright...usually I never go for fabric like this but wow! This fabric is also discontinued, so sad the designer died a few years ago and the company has decided to discontinue her fabric line.

 This dressage pad has a military look to it, (spine 22" drop 21") smokey blue and black stars. I thought about doing flap piping of red but at the last minute used this gold fabric. I like it!

 Now this one is a wenglish one for sure! Western looking dressage pad (spine 24 1/2" drop 23") I have added some buttons and beading to the end of the swallow tail. This one doesn't have the strapping to hook to the billets, I don't very often use them; thought I would leave it off unless requested to put them on.

 For the under pad I used cotton plaid flannel, nice and soft next to the horse.

 Close up of the beading and button. I also did a machine blanket stitch into the black binding, makes it look more western.

This is Gilly's wool pad I made him awhile back. I added some wool stars and hand stitched (blanket stitch) the purple stars on. I may add some bead work to it also. He needs a little bling on his stuff too!

It has been rainy here for days and days. Gilly loves the mud so no riding, I think he coats himself with mud on purpose just so he doesn't have to do any work. Clever horse isn't he? Weather is turning colder too, need to get some warmer riding pants so I can stand to be out for hours on end. Do they make those snuggy thingys for equestrians??? And just how would that work? Hum???


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Clever Gilly. Oh how I love your saddle pads! Beautiful!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow!Your stuff is so beautiful! I love all the attention to detail, too. I love the Wenglish pad. Makes me wish I rode English. Anyone would be lucky to have a saddle pad made by you.

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She has polar fleece riding tights, too for just $42.00. Check her out:


jane augenstein said...

Jennifer, yes that Gilly is one clever boy! hehehe Thanks! :-)

Lisa, thanks so much! The longer pads may work for your Abetta saddle, is it round skirted? I do make western pads too, just haven't made many yet!
Oh, the Tights Lady!!! I forgot about her, oh, yes I will check out her site again. Thanks for reminding me! ;-)

Edward said...

Very nice saddle pads, I like the stars you added to Gilly’s pad. For most dressage competitions over here in the UK the saddle pads/saddle cloths must be white, but I do rather like your military look dressage pad, good job :)

jane augenstein said...

Edward, thanks, I too like the military look. Same over here white for competitions but they are fun for everyday use. Horses like to be in style too! ;-)

Jacque. said...

Jane, these are absolutely beautiful!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All the pads are beautiful and well done. I'll say it again, I wish I had your talent, my horses would be very well turned out.

First we had rain and then snow. Didn't stop them all from rolling in mud and being impossible to clean. They must have a manual on this stuff.

Leah Fry said...

Just love the wonderful pads you're doing. Gilly is a lucky boy.

And LOVE your tatt, girlie!

jane augenstein said...

Jacque, thank you!
GHM, thank you, Gilly doesn't get to wear them though, only a few! Yes, I do think that horses have a hidden manual on being filthy beasts and proud of it too!! LOL
Leah, thanks so much, me too, Gilly will be with me forever!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

LOVE the wenglish pad{ I'm sure you knew I would !}


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