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Friday, December 23, 2011

New fabric for pads

  Went to Neff's Country Loft in Belpre Thursday and .... oh my ... look what I found! I love, love, love old looking fabrics and these look like Civil War fabrics. Not sure just how I will incorporate these into saddle pads but I will.

The one below is a green shade, hard to describe but it is beautiful and the eagle border is on both sides so lots of possibilities here. 

Stars and strips below is really beautiful and the blue star with red stars surrounding is gorgeous. I want the blue star for the back corner, will have to do some piecing here. Kacy, are you seeing this one???

The four fabrics are Laurel Bush designs that are now discontinued and really hard to find. Love her work, so sad that she passed away in 07. An extremely gifted and talented woman.

 This is one of the bright horse designs I found not as eye catching as the bright horse heads, as below but in the bright colors. Everyone loves it so it's pretty much vanished. I did find some on eBay that someone is selling for $25.00 a yard!!! I won't be buying any of that!

These earthy tones are beautiful but not as bold as the brights. Of all her fabrics I have seen I have to say the bright dancing horse head fabric is my very favorite.

I like the bunched up herds of horses in the above one. Dappled horses or Appaloosas?

This last one reminds me of ponies playing. I have to stop collecting fabric and get busy sewing! But.....I have always been a fabric collector. When I was making quilts I really collected fabric and still have many, many yards of fabric waiting to be turned into something.
I know my taste in fabric is not everyone's taste and that's OK. If no one buys them Gilly will be the best dressed horse around, he doesn't complain about color or design, he just wants them to feel good on his back.

Only one more shopping day everyone ready? I am! :-)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I love the earth tone horse fabrics! I would love a purse or something made out of them.
The first few military style fabrics I wouldn't know what to do with and how to integrate them into a saddle pad design. You seem to really have a knack with that, though.
And I like how you plan on making Gilly the best dressed pony around. hehe!


Jacque. said...

Love all the fabric!!!! I know just what you're saying...the enjoyment of working with fabric is the best, isn't it? Fabric collector...haha! You do beautiful work. Merry Christmas to you and yours...especially the Gilly Boy!!!

Jeni said...

Beautiful fabrics and I'm sure what ever you design will be gorgeous! You've such the talent.

Merry Christmas !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooops! I almost forgot to wish you a....

Merry Christmas from Lisa and the herd at the Laughing Orca Ranch!!

jane augenstein said...

Thanks everyone! I will have to get my thinking creative cap on after the first of the year to make all these fabrics bend and curve to the saddle pads I have in mind.
Keep watching!


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