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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two more new pads and a sale

I am having a one day sale on my Facebook page, Gilly Wear  (click to go) one day only tomorrow Dec. 14th $5.00 off all pads but you have to buy it from the facebook shopping cart, not my Gilly Wear web site.

 Here are a couple of new pads I just added. Love this fabric, Star Spangles Strips dressage pad, did some fun quilting on this one and I really like the colors here too....more purple!
This one I had so much fun doing, free motion machine quilting. This one is an all purpose pad, the fabric was called Terra, I call the pad Terra Firma but it kind of looks like fried eggs on drugs! LOL  I do love the colors and the shape, I may have to buy Gilly an all purpose saddle pad if this style doesn't sell so I can use them myself. heehee


Sydney said...

I want one of your saddle pads! Wait I think I want a hooked rug first. I am so darned broke it isn't even funny right now. One day.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Love the spangled pad.
But the second one reminds me of eggs and sperm. lol!


Jacque. said...

Jane, these are just awesome! Keep up the good work.

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, save you pennies! :-)
Lisa, too funny! yes that second one, is an interesting pattern for sure!
Jacque, thanks!!

Emme said...

They are all great. Super duper work Jane.


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