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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gilly with his new bit

Here are a few pictures of Gilly, taken same day as Pokey Pie had his little ass fit. "But maw Gilly is out why can't I come out to play??.......waaahhhhhh!!!" What a baby and a spoiled brat Pokey is ... LOL Yes, we definitely are going to work on respect with that one this year! He will be going to "Ass Elementary School 101 in round pen" That should be some GOOD pictures then, will have to get Anna back over here to do the photo work for me. Which by the way, Anna did all the photos in this post also. Again thank you muchly Anna! :-)

Oh, and yes, I know that I have the nose band buckled in the wrong place. We had some issues about getting the danged thing on anyway. Besides he was just trying out his new bit and I don't leave the halter on with the bridle unless we are just working on line.

Don't you just love the outfit I have on??? Sweats, with mud on splashed there by Gilly, muck boots....grand attire for the muddy hollow!

Gilly is showing how flexible his neck is. He as done this many, many times; all I have to do is start to lift up the rein and his head comes around.

We do a lot of flexing before I ride; just to make sure he remembers so if I have to use the one rein stop he knows what he is supposed to do. So far it's worked every time he has tried to be a bugger.

Here he is flexing at the poll. When on his if I put pressure on the reins and squeeze my legs he will tuck his head like this. I was just touching his side with my hand to get this out of him, it works on both sides.


Pony Girl said...

Cool new bit! I think he likes it! ;)
I can't believe how flexible he is! I wish my old boy was that flexible! Gilly is really so beautiful, he's such a rich bay color. Very striking!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful horse he is!

allhorsestuff said...

My Bay girl and your bay boy would look stunning together!

jane augenstein said...

Pony Girl, Gilly is that flexible because we work, work and work some more on it. I have watched Clinton Anderson work with his horses and he says they can never be too flexible. Gilly is getting so you just lift the rein and he flexes the neck.
KK, yes, what a beautiful bay pair they would make!

blackfeatherfarm said...

That beautiful Gilly ! He doesn't need flashy accessories, like a shiny new bit to be a pretty boy !

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Aww, Gilly so so cute in these photos! Love 'em!


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