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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pokey being an ASS

I got Gilly out yesterday to try and work him in the round pen for a bit. Well, that didn't work out very well; it's still very slick outside. The ground is still frozen down a bit and the warmth of the sun has made the mud like grease!

Well, Pokey was none too happy about Gilly being out and him being in the field! You never heard such snorting, farting and whining as he did! Sounded like a two year old kid having a temper tantrum. I have to get that on video sometime, you will go into hysterics over the sounds coming out of him!!!

Here he is getting wound up. He will stomp his feet and his little tail will bob up and down and so does his head. He has a funny little neck and head jerk that he does to show his displeasure with me.

Please click on all the photos to make them larger so you can see the funny expressions on his face.

Check out the pointed little mouth on him, the madder he gets the more it points!

I thought sure he would get his head stuck in the gate but he managed not to.

This one is pretty funny he looks like a parrot here. Below is the funniest one of all though. Look at his tail, it's sticking straight up in the air. Oh, how I wish the gate hadn't been there so you could see the end of his tail with the funny hair on it. For some reason the hair has separated into two little switches and one side is curled and the other isn't.

He was really mad here. He did get to come out later and go for a walk; but he was really pissed and got several smacks with the stick because he was biting my coat and trying to walk all over me! Bad asses get their asses smacked for being bad. He finally straightened up but kept giving me the evil eye the rest of the day. I guess we will have to learn respect in the round pen when the weather is nicer. What and ill tempered little boy he is; hope he grows out of it. I am thinking I am going to have my hands full training this one.......Gilly was easy!!!
(All the pictures were taken by my friend and fellow horse lover Anna Halfhill Hendershot...she did an excellent job!...Thank you Anna! In another post I will put on more pictures she took of me and Gilly in the round pen.)


Leah Fry said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in the drawing! Those reins are REALLY nice!!

That's funny -- my horse is Pokey. And your cat looks just like my cat Leeloo!

blackfeatherfarm said...

Oh my goodness, he is a little bad boy. What a cutey patooty anyway ! FUN ,fun pictures, what a face !

allhorsestuff said...

Well I am snorting here myself...he looked like a "Bad Ass" attitude deal to me! I love those pics and his pointy tail and parrot mouth...(((Am hooting))) thanks for the end of the day laugh..sorry the gournd is still hard ..we had more snow(non stick kind) but it is Coooold still!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Those are so funny Jane, boy can he pull faces lol. He definately has a lot of attitude but I'm sure you'll get him round to your way of thinking :))

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Oh, those pics are priceless! What a character Pokey is!

Christy Lee said...

It's funny to see the character in animals...they each have their own personalities. This is my first visit to your blog, just stopping by to say hello!

Christy Lee
*~Petals and Pine~*

Sarah said...

Giggle, snort!!! Thank you Jane!!

Desert Rose said...

OhhhhhhhhhhhhhI want a goat, but not one of those bad ass ones. Al my money would go the the "cuss jar" for saying BAD ASS...BAD ASS!!

Reddunappy said...

I had to laugh! in the second photo he looks just like Alf! LOL same onery attitude to huh LOL

Sandy said...

hahaha, I LOVE his cute.

jane augenstein said...

Thanks you guys! Pokey sure does have a Bad Ass attitude or is it an ass-itude? He can be a little stinker for sure; sigh, but he is so darned cute how could you be mad at him??
OMG, he does look like Alf!!! LOL I kept thinking I had seen a face like that before, tooooo funny!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

LOLe, sorry to laugh but that Pokey is so funny! I had a old horse who did his mouth that way, I really do think he was part mule.
MY FIL wants to give me a Donkey, I love them and want him really bad but Chuck is not seein git my way. ;) Great pictures.

Donna Ridgway said...

loved the pictures of Pokey! We got such a kick out of his faces. We have Pedro, he's our donkey. Such characters they are...:)


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