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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making coffee without a coffee pot

Several weeks ago our electric perk coffee pot died; this is how we made coffee.
Well, my husband lives for his morning coffee, me, I can drink instant with no problem! I always put flavored creamer in mine so doesn't matter to me. He drinks his black and strong.

He got up to get his first cup of coffee and found that the coffee pot wasn't working and no way to fix it. He took the basket with the ground coffee in it and put it in a pan of water. This is the process.

Water is starting to simmer and steam soon it was perking up the tube in the basket; I didn't know you could make coffee like this.......but then I am not that much of a coffee drinker.

I am sure that there is a better way to do this, like time it and such but after a few minutes the coffee in the pan was getting darker and stronger!

If you click on the picture you can see the bubble of coffee coming out of the tube and perking away. This coffee was pretty strong, I didn't try it.........ugh......but he said it wasn't too bad!
I'd rather drink orange juice for breakfast!!
We have since gotten a Mister Coffee maker but he is still looking for a part to fix the perk coffee maker. Why??? Just because he can! (sigh)me, I'd rather do problem solving with the horse! :-)


Sarah said...

LOL - I would have done that too - I adore coffee in the morning!! Good idea!!! Sarah

backattheranch said...

My husband made coffee on the stove for along time until we finally got a real coffee pot for christmas. He liked making it on the stove. He felt like it was old fashioned!! lol Men!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

What is it with men and there friend Greg needs at least three cups of proper coffee (instant is sludge) before he becomes human....that was his words by the way not mine lol. Cereal and cranberry juice for me :))

Margo said...

Jane, This so sounds like Neil. He has to have his coffee in the morning.....and fixing because he can ......Neil would too!

Desert Rose said...

My husband only drinks decaf, I am a Starbucks cowgirl. I figured the best way to get my am coffe fix was to get my hubby "addicted" to it too. Took a few years but now he will go to Starbucks and get us both a cup every morning! I am very grateful to get it but he now enjoys the drive with the top down on his car here in the desert!

jane augenstein said...

Now if there was a Starbucks around I might be more inclined to drink more coffee! :-) There is a pretty good coffee shop in town (16 miles away...that's one way!) called "Stoked" but to get up and drive that far just for a cup of coffee..I don't think so.
LOL, Mike says I ruin coffee by putting in creamer and or sugar and milk and I also like decaf; he wouldn't touch it for anything. He would do without before he would drink decaf!!
Oh, well, off to get some OJ!! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

(((HA))) you are too good thing maybe, is that the ol' perk looks to be aluminum. You don't want to be using that anymore.
I clicked and saw all those wonderful bubbles, awesome!
I concur with your husband..I need one really good cup for the day, perferably in the AM.My man is like you, and it matters not the origin of brew, it is more routine.

artbyakiko said...

Wow! That's a smart idea!! I try to make coffee every morning because if my husband makes it, it always turns out way too strong. :(

Angie said...

Love my coffee too! This looks like cowboy coffee that's been sitting a while.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey! That's what they call 'cowboy coffee'! hehe
What renegade folks you are thinking up different ways to 'get 'er done'! :)

Thanks for stopping by with your kind words. You cheered me up a bit.


jane augenstein said...

The old coffee pot is stainless steel but the basket is probably aluminum.....ugh! He ordered the part to fix it so he will go back to using it. (personally I think the Mr. Coffee is better...but then I am not the one drinking the strong stuff!)
That's why I drink instant coffee, he makes it way to strong for me! I would be swinging from the barn rafters if I drank the strong stuff!!!
You could probably float a horse shoe in the stuff....ugh! :-(

Tracey said...

Well...aren't you clever?

You just may enjoy this little clip with a different type of coffee maker:

jane augenstein said...

Tracy.......LOL....that's just too danged funny! I will show this to my husband, he could design a coffee maker like that!
good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I watched that one, it would have come out my nose!!!!!

Thistlebrooms said...

Coffee had to begin somewhere...That's how they developed the Perk mehtod...Some husband just HAD to have his morning coffee!!!
Best To You...Marilyn

A Bay Horse said...

Wow! I've never seen coffee made like that before. I guess that makes me a Johnny come lately. I love learning classic cooking tips and techniques. Thanks for the great pics too!


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