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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Julie's house with tower

Kim and Lacy are standing in front of Julie's house and bird watching tower. I have never been in the tower, Julie has invited me, just have never made it over to climb up.
I am wondering if in the fall, when the leaves are off the trees, my house is visible from there? Will have to check this fall.

The meadow at Julie's, bluebird houses everywhere! Beautiful view.

Lacy must be thinking that it was time to head home; or nap time?
Julie's kids had gotten a bucket of water for the horses and she had brought Kim and I a glass of water. Tasted so good, we were pretty thirsty.........forgot to bring our water bottles!
I hadn't finished all of my water, which was in a blue glass; Gilly loves blue, if he sees you drinking anything that is in a blue container he wants it.........NOW!!! So everyone got to see Gilly drink out of a glass, he is getting better at it too, he doesn't spill much.........I didn't get a picture of him but I hope Julie did. She took quite a few pictures while we were there; when she sends them to me I will share them. They should be a hoot!!!

After that it was time to head home, beautiful place; it really is Eden there.........thanks Julie for giving us the tour!

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