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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend~~~Haying~Monday

Monday started out cloudy, then we had a few sprinkles, thank goodness it quit. The breezy picked up again and out came the sun. We kept checking the hay and by 2 o'clock it felt like it was dry enough to bale. Boy, did it ever smell good!!! The bales turned out a light green and very sweet smelling. Gilly and Pokey were in the barn with their noses turned to inhale the good smells, with they could eat the hay now!
Some of our neighbors came up to help load the trailer and put it in the barn. I was sure glad; my back was telling me it didn't like picking up those bales or loading them onto the hay elevator. We got 120 bales of good hay off two small fields; that's really good!!! If the weather is good to us, hopefully we can get two more cuttings of hay this year. Usually we only get two, this year was an early one for us.
About an hour after we got the hay stacked in the barn it clouded up and poured down the rain! Timing is everything when farming; even hobby farming!!!

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