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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Whose ears are those??

What a shot ......... Kim and Lacy are way up there in the distance, Lucy, my Australian Shepherd, looks like she is right in Gilly's sights! Then the hairy ears must be ........ Gilly! He did pretty well, holding still while I got out the camera and took some pictures. The camera didn't get all the beauty of the woods as we were riding through. Maybe later on I will get the big camera and take with me, for better pictures.

These are some iris growing along the road bank; I snapped this picture as Gilly and I went riding by. I wonder how they got there? No houses close by.

Here is the beautiful boy himself, always
has to have his mouth busy with something.
I had turned his head so I could get a picture of him and he spied the crop, next thing I knew he
had it in his mouth!
If you are, he doesn't have a bit in his mouth. This is a bitless bridle, used only pressure on the poll (top of his head) He works really well with it too; how do you stop a horse with no bit in his mouth..........say, "Whoa" or bend his head around like it is now. I trained him to do this; he has a tender mouth and I didn't want to hurt him. I can also ride him with just a rope halter..........yes, even out on the trail. He is a good, good boy!

In case you don't know Gilly is a rescue horse. I was given a card with a web site for rescued horses; these people bought horses at auctions that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. Get them on their way back to health, then found them a good loving home. This picture is the first time I saw Gilly.....(his name was Davy then) he was 11 months old and weighed 397 pounds.

First week I had him, skinny little thing. I didn't think he would grow to be much because he was almost starved by his first owners.

This picture was taken last fall and he as grown since then. At 5 years old he is 16 hands tall and weighs close to 1,200 pounds! Quite a change from the little 12 hand high, skinny boy I first cam home with 4 years ago.

I friend of mine who trains and shows dressage horses has been working with me and Gilly; this is Sheri in the picture. I don't have any full body pictures of Gilly so far this year. I am sure I will have more on here later; since he is my most favorite subject to photograph........oh, and Pokey the donkey now too!
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Jacque said...

Great photos...all of them, but I especially like the one through Gilly's ears. What a good boy, to stand still so you could snap photos! What a nice ride that must have been for you.

beth n said...

gilly looks so good wow! What a great camera..... do I need one of those?

Beth said...

I Love your horse. He is so pretty and that is so awesome that he was a rescue horse. That is just amazing how your love for him turned him into a beautiful horse like he is now.

jane augenstein said...

Hey Beth N.........Yes, I believe you do need a camera like that....Canon Rebel XTI.........LOVE it!!!

jane augenstein said...

Beth, thanks for the comments on Gilly; he truly is one big beautiful boy! I am so glad I have him; I have been having a love affair with horses my whole life. Magnificent animals!!


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