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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend~~~ Haying~Saturday

Saturday Mike's buddy Rick came over with his big Massey tractor and mower/conditioner. It didn't take him long to knock down two of our fields that were ready for cutting. We have a mower but it doesn't have a conditioner on it. The conditioner crimps the grass to break the waxy stems so the hay will dry faster; a really good thing down here in the hollow. So much watching the weather was in store for the next two days.
Mike is on the 4-wheeler watching the cutting process. I am not much into tractors but this big tractor and mower fascinate me! The hydraulics that makes this thing move is interesting; Rick knows his stuff too. He can make it cut really close to things that make you hold your breath to watch..........of course he has been cutting hay all his life!!!

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