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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anniversary Moon

Here is the picture of the full moon I got last night. I had to be quick because of the clouds that were flying by then it was gone. This picture was taken on my husband and my 36th wedding anniversary, so hence the name, "Anniversary Moon". This picture was taken at 9:29:54 PM and I had written it on the bottom of the picture but for some reason it isn't showing up on the picture??? When I was taking pictures I was hoping that I could get some of the clouds that seemed to have silver edges from the glow of the moon but will have to work on a different setting for the camera than what I had. Still all in all it turned out really pretty, what a moon.

I also got to ride Gilly yesterday, just in the round pen and a little on the road. Pokey wasn't in the the barn so I could go far. He was having one of his little ass fits about it too. He was running hard with his head down and every fourth stride he would kick up in the air as hard as he could and snort at me. Showing his disapproval I am sure! He was excited to see Gilly when I was finished riding and put him back in the barn but then Pokey wanted out. It was like he was saying, "My turn, my turn! I want in the round pen next!" Funny little guy I have taken him out after Gilly before and he will head right to the round pen, he wants to jump the poles in there! I guess he thinks it looks like fun and wants his turn at it. Maybe this afternoon if it isn't raining he can have a turn at it. What a funny little guy he is!!


Thistlebrooms said...

Happy HAPPY Anniversary to you both...Such a 'Beautiful' Photo Jane...You'll have more time to get the clouds(next time!!)
Should make a large copy of it for your wall...'Anniversary Moon'...How Special that would be...

Sarah said...

Your moon pictures are stunning!!
I left you an award on my blog Jane. Hugs, Sarah

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Nice moon shots. Every time I try and "shoot the moon" it comes out like a tiny dot. Impressive.

Desert Rose said...

terrific moon shot, hope you can figure out how to get the lettering in!
I have been having problems with your blog lately, all the letters are REALLY big...and I was not able to post. I thought it was just me at frist but it only happened on your blog. Todays blog had no issues. Just wanted you to know!

jane augenstein said...

Thanks Marilyn! I may just print it out for a keeper. :-)

Sarah, what are you up too!! :-) I will go and check you blog to see.

Five O'Clock Somewhere, Thanks, I used a 70-300 telephoto lens for the shot then cropped it to make it that size. Would almost like a bigger lens for the moon shots.

jane augenstein said...

Desert Rose,
I think there is something up with Blogger! I was at a friends house today and we pulled my blog up, it started out OK but the farther down I scrolled the letters where HUGE! I couldn't even read it cause it was all strung out too. Strange!!!

Jan said...

Jane, I just love your little Pokey. He sounds like personality plus. How fun and entertaining he must be. Certainly has a mind of his own.

JoJo said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Jane. That's a perfectly lovely picture of the moon. I had to take my husband to work today so I could keep the car and the moon was so beautiful. Wispy clouds kept moving across it and changed the way it looked.

Glad to hear you got a ride on Gilly.

blackfeatherfarm said...

LOVE those moon shots. I am saving for a nice cmera so I can shoot the moon too !
"Happy anniversary !!!!"

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Happy belated anniversary!! How awesome, 37th?!?!!

That is a lovely moon!

Russ Lowry said...

Happy Anniversary and great moon shots! It's moving faster than you think when looking through a longer lens eh? I just got back from vacation, pix are posted if you want to check them out. Also, I'm having the same problem as others have mentioned viewing your site, just to let you know.

jane augenstein said...

Thanks all for the anniversary wishes!
I don't know why my blog is coming up strange to others; it looks find from my computer?? I don't know what to do about it, anyone else have a problem with theirs???


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