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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Pony in Hollow

There's a new kid on the block, so to speak! Lacy has a new friend but they aren't buddies just yet. Princess the pony is now with Lacy for a companion but they didn't hit it off right at first. Princess came from a place with a lot of other horses, ponies and a donkey (good, she won't freak out when she gets to meet Pokey!) The people that had her before never put her in the barn and she didn't even have a run in shed to get into. She looks a little rough right now, she was a show pony at one time.

Last Friday when Kim and I went to get her it poured the rain for half an hour before we got her into the trailer. These pictures were taken when we got her home so he is a little ratty looking. She will look lots better this summer when the rough coat of winter hair comes off and all the good food gets in her; and she is wormed.
She wasn't too interested in Lacy at first; yes, there was lots of squealing and snorting going on. A kick or two but nothing major; she spent most of her first hour looking the fence over and hunting for her buddies she left behind.
How hard that must be for a horse, dog or other animal to be taken away from the place they know and their friends. Get onto a trailer, then back off into strange surroundings and a strange horse to deal with. It's almost heartbreaking to think of how we would feel in the same circumstance; she will have a good home at Kim's and be well taken care of. Good food, dry warm shelter and another friend to play with; and will get to meet Gilly and Pokey in time but still, it's kinda sad.

Kim's boxer Sophie had to run and play with her, although she didn't pay much attention to her. Sophie is a clown and always has to play with Gilly and Pokey when they come down. She will chase the horses for awhile then they will chase her; till all of them are worn out. The pony will learn this too.

All the running and chasing around finally came to a halt, with the pony still trying to figure out just where she was. Sophie on the other side with her tongue hanging out.
I talked to Kim today and she said that the two are doing much better together. But they aren't good enough friends just yet to eat their hay together and Princess is now named May-Belle but that could change too! Kim hasn't decided for sure on her new name; she doesn't know the name Princess so a new name is in store. Any suggestions on a name and I will pass it on to Kim???


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Jane ~ you're right ~ Princess/May-belle must be very traumatized ~ but I bet it won't be long till she be so grateful to be living with your friend in nice warm surroundings ~ Gilly can explain it to her!!! Thanks for sharing the pix ~

Pony Girl said...

Oh she is darling! I love that liver chestnut color with the flaxen mane and tail. She looks like a "Coco" to me :) Short for Coco Chanel, maybe, hee! I hope she enjoys her new pasturemate and settles in nicely. I do feel for horses that get passed around a lot. I know they don't experience feelings like we do, perhaps they are more resilient, but I think about it, too!

gtyyup said...

I'm sure that's tough and so very confusing for her...but, they adapt. Soon she'll be her old self! It sounds like she'll have a perfect home too.

She sure is a cute lil' thing!

jane augenstein said...

Alice, I will tell Gilly when he meets her to tell her she will have a good home here! :-)

Pony Girl, I think Coco is a good name I will pass it on.

gtyyup, yes, she will have a great home out here. I can't wait to see what happens when she meets Gil and Poke.

cowgirljlynn said...

What an adorable little pony!

blackfeatherfarm said...

I think about that same thing and have heard stories about people visiting horses they sold, only to have them run up an whinny and go berzerk when the person leaves. It makes me so sad.
This one will have a good home and friends and it will be ok. Sometimes it works out for the best for them. She is adorable, I would call her "Sable." That is just what popped in my head when I saw her.

Desert Rose said...

Ya...I like Coco, A horse with style!!! It is sad to take our horses away from their friends...but they do remember them. I bought a mare last spring and she loved Jesse. We sent her away for 5 months to be trained. She did not end up working out for us so we gave her to a friend. But when he picked her up and loaded her in the trailer my horse was already in, they knew instantly that they were great friends and she hated it if he took Jesse away again!

JoJo said...

What a gorgeous horse! I too wonder what she must be thinking but she'll soon learn she's hit the lottery of good homes!! As for the name...huummmm, May-Belle doesn't fit. Coco is cute but when I first looked at her picture, I thought of Chloe. Beautiful, smooth and feminine.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

She looks very pretty and girly, looks like a Flicka to me. It is sad to think about all the horses that move from pillar to post. I got Rio my first horse when she was 7 months old and had her until she died suddenly at nineteen, Tara I've had since she was 8 months old and she'll be 15 this May cheeky little Dougal who adopted me but actually belongs to the grand children of the folk I stable with has been in the family for 22 years....he really is a sweetie well most of the time lol

Thistlebrooms said...

So happy she'll have a great home...I wish for her the BEST...They do adapt in time, but it still is heartbreaking to watch while it happens...She'll shape up just wonderful and Spring IS coming!!!


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