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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Action Sunday

Run, Gilly run!! Love how his tail looks in this one, he's flying and having fun! (these are shots from fall, too cold and windy to be outside today....I'm a weiner! LOL)

All four feet off the ground, good shot, love my camera with the action setting.

Whoa! Now that is a stop! Look at that tail over his back, so glad I wasn't riding that one.

Little Pokey trying his best to keep up with big Gilly (click on these pictures to see them close up)

Pokey says, OK, I give up......not running anymore...pant, pant, can't take anymore. Gilly and Lacy are still flying around having a great time!

Pokey says I'm done, stick a fork in me!!! Lacy, ever the bossy one is after Gilly again; just before he takes off running. He has gotten smarter and really tried to avoid her when she is in her "I'm the boss" mood.
Lacy does now have a new companion to try and boss around, we went and got the pony, "Princess" on Friday. Princess is just the temporary name, Kim will change it when she decides on a far she has picked out 4 but isn't happy with them. I will post pictures of her tomorrow.


Pony Girl said...

Those are fun pictures, Gilly is so handsome and looks so powerful and nimble! I love the one of Pokey just giving up and laying down! :)

jane augenstein said...

Thanks Pony Girl! Pokey always have to have a roll in the dirt at some point, such a dirty little stinker!
I LOVE your spotted pony too, he is so handsome with those beautiful apps!!!

Sandy said...

Beautiful photos...

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

What a handsome boy, great photos Jane

cowgirljlynn said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I agree with you about Tom and Elliot! I'll be back!

Desert Rose said...

Pokey is just adorable! he could come and live with me anytime.

JoJo said...

Jane, these are great pictures!! How I love seeing Gilly in action with his tail flying! And Pokey is such a cutie (or maybe I should say handsome) but cute seems to fit him more.

jane augenstein said...

Sandy, thanks!

Elizabeth, thank you, Gilly is a handsome fellow! :-)

cowgirljlynn, I'm with you on the cowboys! Thanks for stopping by!

Desert Rose, Pokey is a sweetie but a stinker that needs to start school soon! LOL

blackfeatherfarm said...

Such a handsome boy ! Love those pics ! Pokey is a scene stealer !!!

On a side note, thanks for leaving "Tom" on the sidebar. I'll visit him often.


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