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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Posting" for Kacy

Kacy over at All Horse Stuff wanted me to post pictures of me and Gilly "posting"; well me posting not Gilly. He is just trying to put up with my riding; which isn't very good. He is a hard horse to ride and riding English is something that I am just learning to do. Hard work! Even harder is that I am trying to train him myself and work on learning to ride the high lofty suspension he has. But I am determined to "get it"!
So here we are in the round pen doing some trotting.

The two horses I had in the past were definitely western horses, Gilly is not. I can't, and do not want to, change the way he is, so I will change me. Selling him and getting a easier horse for me to ride is out of the question; I love my rescue boy.

I am not fond of seeing myself in pictures, need to lose a lot of weight and I think I do not ride very well. My teacher says I am doing fine, it takes time a lot of time to get things right. So.....

Here you are Kacy, pictures of me and Gil just for you to see (and everyone else!) LOL

Gilly did well, as well as he can with a rider who needs help! The pictures are not very good because it was cloudy and raining and he has glowing eyes that I can't get rid of, so that is why his eyes may look really black or glowing.....sorry.

Kim came up and took pictures today for me. I went out at 8:30 am and the weather was overcast but not raining, just as soon as the saddle was on Gilly it started to sprinkle and rained harder the longer I rode. We really need the rain so I won't complain.

Gilly says, "Get this woman off me, PLEASE!!!" LOL Look at his lip sticking sideways, wonder what he was thinking???


Pony Girl said...

You look GREAT! It was fun to see your handsome boy under saddle, too. Was he trained when you got him, or have you done most of it yourself?
Riding english is tough....that posting uses different muscles! ;)

Anonymous said...

You and Gilly are looking good. Just relax and go with his movement. I myself miss riding a lot. Nothing worth having is ever easy to attain. Julie

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Those last 2-3 photos where you guys are standing posing are amazing! You look great. What breed is Gilly again? He looks so stocky in some of the photos, almost as if he has some draft in him. He's one strong built cookie, for sure.
At least you're out there riding even in the dreary weather...and trotting, too. I have no clue how to post. My mare is so lofty and choppy in the trot and lope that it feels like I'm riding a jackhammer. gah!

Good for you training him, too. Can you tell I'm impressed over here??


word verification: noman

No Man?? hehe

jane augenstein said...

Thank you Michelle! Gilly does look good in his English tack; I have had him since he was 11 months old so all his training has been me. I did have another woman helping me for a few summers but it didn't work out. Reading books, watching RFDTV and horse training DVD's have been it. But now I have a wonderful teacher and we will be starting up again soon as the weather is cooperating; I have no indoor arena to work in.

Julie, thank you! It is hard work but we will make it!! :-)
I didn't realise just how much I missed horses until I got Gilly, after not having one for 20 years.

jane augenstein said...

Lisa, thank you so much! I was told that Gilly is Tennessee Walker/Quarter Horse but yes, he does look like there is some draft in there somewhere. Last time I measured him the tape said 15.2 hands but he seems much larger. But then his big strong legs and feet maybe make him appear bigger than he really is. But, boy, I'll tell you that he is a BIG mover and it's hard to ride but yet it's beautiful!
Learning to post, the correct way is hard work but it will be worth it. I am also trying to learn to "ride" the trot, even harder. LOL Glad you are impressed, sometimes I am amazed myself that I have come this far with him; he's a good boy with a big kind heart! I love him to pieces!! :-)

jane augenstein said...

Lisa, no man funny, Gilly has only been ridden by women; my husband got on his back once but he is the only one! In case anyone is wondering, Gilly will be 6 years old May 5th and on April 18th I have had him 5 years.

Jacque. said...

Jane...keep working're doing great! Especially for how old you are...and how young Gilly is. LOL. Seriously, though, I give you so much credit for going after what you want. You rock!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Hi, I found you through your comment on Lisa's blog. You do look like you are riding well, and Gilly is a very nice looking horse. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

allhorsestuff said...


I am laughing so hard..I love how you take me seriously..You are going to be in the Riding "Faction" I am starting!(gotta get my logo drawn up and such)
You two look made for each other! I mean it! You have done such a nice job he looks so peaceful and perky!He had great reach and your form looks wonderful!
You are such an inspiration to me Jane! I am so glad we met here.

See you soon...thanks for making my day even better than the euphoric way it has gone today ..I am about to post(off horse) about it now!

cowgirljlynn said...

Gilly is a really pretty horse! I make so many mistakes when I ride. That is why I like my teacher so much, she gives praise, but isn't afraid to criticize either! I appreciate both! I hate my picture taken too!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Great post and what a handsome pair! You have done a great job with him, you look wonderful....and your round pen looks huge! I wish I had a place to ride that large!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Jane, you & Gilly both look fantastic! Now I want to saddle up and ride my Bart!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Jane don't sell yourself short you and the boy look great. Be proud of your achievements. The work you've done on the ground with him has made him what he is a lovely forward going horse. You look great have a good line in the saddle (shoulder, elbow and heel are in line) and your hands have a lovely light contact to his mouth. Everything will come with practice and once the better weather starts you'll come on in spades. Sitting to the trot...sit deep in the saddle close your eyes and feel his rhythm :))

jane augenstein said...

Jacque, thanks for reminding me I am "old" LOL I don't think it's ever to late to learn things with horses!!! :-)

Nuzzling Muzzles, thanks for the kind words, we are getting there!

Kacy, thanks! Well, I did want to post more pictures of me and Gilly but I don't like so much how I look in photographs, ugh!!! Glad I make you laugh, I laugh at myself a lot, when I am not grumping about how I look riding!! LOL
What's the Riding "Faction"??? New blog??? I'll be interested to see.

cowgirljlynn, thanks for the compliments on my Gilly! I think he's a handsome boy! Sounds like you have a really good teacher!

Blue Eyed Tango, thanks you! My round pen was about 40 ft. but I got two more panels and now it's over 50 ft. I needed more room for big Gilly to move in and this is GREAT!!! Now I am wishing I had an arena to work in. My neighbor has one in her field, not big but big enough. Maybe someday!! (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Jane, every morning I stop by your blog to look for Gilly and Pokey. I've only attempted to ride horseback once in my life so admire anyone who can. I love it that you would never give up your rescue horse. I've had many rescue kitties in my life and kept them their entire lives. I always felt it was such a privilege to have them. Their past lives made them special to me. Jan (MN)

jane augenstein said...

Elizabeth, thank you for your kind comments on my riding! I am pretty hard on myself because I feel I am not "getting it" fast enough. I do have a great dressage teacher who is also a modern dance instructor. I take a class from her that she designed for dressage riders. Stretching, yoga, modern dance and some Pilates too. It's hard work but it all has to do with working parts of the body that you need in riding. She has helped me immensely and I am sooooo glad I have found her to help me and Gilly.
I can't wait until I can ride, ride, ride when better weather comes!!! :-)

Jan, thanks for stopping by to see what my boys are doing! They are a funny pair, aren't they? You are right, rescue animals are VERY special creatures, most of them have been through so much that they deserve a good safe home forever! I pray every night that I will out live all of them, I couldn't bear the thought of me not being here for them and them having to find a new home. I want to protect them all their lives.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

You and Gilly are looking great. Riding is such a humbling sport! It takes a lifetime of practice to make perfect. Every time we think we are doing great, our horses remind us we need more practice :-)

How cool that your trainer also teaches a modern dance class. I would love to do something like that!

jane augenstein said...

Five O'clock Somewhere, yes, it sure is humbling and the horse it right too. I have heard that yoga is a great help to riders also. I am lucky to have this woman for my teacher!

Angie said...

Most are riding and having a blast! Think about all the poor women sitting at a desk or worse at 8:30 am wishing they could be doing what they love. You both look really good - and happy! Glad to hear you wouldn't sell him. I'm sappy like that.

JoJo said...

Jane, you look GREAT riding Gilly! In fact, you and I probably look much alike. I've only ridden western in my life (learned to ride on my aunt and uncle's farm as a very small child), quit riding at about 17 and then got on a horse and rode bareback twice around a paddock when I was 32, less than a week before my wedding. It was questionable whether or not I've recuperate enough to walk down the aisle...LOL. Anyway, as for English, my sister does it and I know it's hard but the two of you look great together. Keep it up. In the end, it will all be worthwhile.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Oh Jane, riding english{dressage} is so much harder than people think it is ! It is a ton of work, and takes a long time. Even the elite riders will tell you, you never stop learning or working on your riding. Baby steps, is how I learn.
I am like you, I hate myaelf in photos, I never take a good one. I am so worried it is really how I look !
Anyway, Gilly is a doll and you are doing fine. It is good he challenges you. I love trail riding, but dressage really makes you work and think, and keeps you young ! I think it builds a great partnership between you and the horse too, so hang in there, it will get easier.{kinda}From your fellow beginner.

jane augenstein said...

Angie, yes I am having a wonderful time with Gilly and glad that I don't have to work anymore. Well, except here on the farm, gardening, haying and such...but in my time. Yea!

JoJo, Thanks, yes, there was a long pause in between horses but I am so glad to be back into it. I missed is so much but didn't realize just how much until I got Gilly.

Blackfeatherfarm, thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Dressage is hard and I knew it would be but I agree it will be worth it. I am not going to show have no desire to, I just want to ride my horse and be the best rider I can be. It will be an on going process of learning. I have a lot of books I am reading on dressage also. I think the very best thing is the exercises I am doing, the stretching, flexing and learning to isolate different body parts. That is hard work also but in the end it will help Gilly and I to function as one. That is my goal!

La Donna Welter said...

You belong together! Such a beautiful horse!

Carolina said...

Hi, I popped over from Allhorsestuff. You look good on your horse. You make a handsome couple ;-) I'm a Dutch 'English' rider. Western riding would be very strange for me to do. Although I'd love to try it some day.
Good luck learning to ride English and a big cuddle for your lovely horse.


jane augenstein said...

LaDonna, thank you!

Carolina, Hi and welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Learning to "ride" is an adventure in itself; I have never taken any lessons on riding. As a kid I just jumped on and if I didn't fall off I was riding! I am finding out there is WAY more to it than just sitting on a horses back. I LOVE this adventure into the art of riding!

Desert Rose said...

I don't care how you look...I am soooo inpressed that you trained him and he is rideable. I do not have the skills for training and always admire when a trainer tells the how and why of what I take for granted!!!

jane augenstein said...

Desert Rose, thank you! I have had a little help along the way but I have done most of the training of Gilly. He is a good, willing horse so he made it easy. I got him when he was 11 months old and have done all kinds of things to help him along. He has had umbrellas opened under his belly, a trash bag of cans on his back, drug behind and in front of him, tarps over him anything I could think to do to get him used to things. I have even put my coat over his head and lead him down the road. He obviously trusts me to do all that and have little reaction. I LOVE this horse!!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I think you guys look FABULOUS! Keep up the great work:)

allhorsestuff said...

Jane...I just LOVE seeing you up on the magnificent horse of yours!
Please DO take one(or more) of the images and put it in your side bar...because I would LOVE to keep viewing you upon him even when this "posting" post has been moved for another!

I did go riding and it was an amazing event with the mare...these trails are very much what -Wa never ordered- and it is very special that they have come into our riding lives now...she has really grown. I think I will post on these news discoveries for tomorrow...
Again....please Picasa a special picture..I like the first as he is really reaching and has a nice inward bend, YOU looks great!


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