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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday Mike decided it was time to dig horseradish. It has been in the ground for years since the last time we dug it up. (This should be some HOT stuff!!) The older is it the hotter it is and some of it has been undisturbed since we moved here 12 years ago. Above is a pile of the roots freshly dug.

These are the tops that had just started poking it's leaves out of the ground for the year. We cut these off and set in water to start rooting to go back in the ground. We dug it all up because we are expanding the garden and it needs a new home. I haven't decided just where we are going to plant it. It needs a place where it can be undisturbed so it will grow long roots again.

We got 2 quarts and one pint of ground horseradish. I have a great blender called a Vita Mix that will grind just about anything! I just add some vinegar to the roots and this is what we get. Boy, is it hot too!! But great to eat and good for you too.

Looking into the jar; when you take the lid off either hold your breath of get ready to a nose full of very pungent smelling, eye watering aroma to hit you!

Wanta bite???


Sarah said...

Uh no thank you... my eyes are watering just looking. But.... that is so cool!!! I now know what to do with it!!! Thank you Jane!!!

cowgirljlynn said...

My husband would love some of that! The hotter the better!

allhorsestuff said...

OH!! That looks soo great!
Tell me what you like to eat it on? I love hot! I have eaten it on steak before.
I would live some of that...wonder what I could trade you for? Will have to think of something!

Laughing Orca Ranch said... thanks. I'm good. :D

My Dad ate that stuff like candy when I was a kid. He always tried to get me to eat it by telling me "It puts hair on your chest!"

Like a girl would want hair on her chest, Dad! lol!

I have tasted it...and in tiny...tiny amounts it's not too bad.
You've got several lifetime's worth of the stuff in those jars, though.
Ever think of selling some in a Farmer's Market?

And why do they call it 'Horse' radish? Do horses like it?

I have a friend who wants to name her new foal 'Radish" as in horse radish. lol!


Russ Lowry said...

Yum!! I love that stuff!

the settings i use for the moon are:
Shoot in manual mode.
Aperture f9.
Shutter speed 1/125
ISO 100
use a tripod if you have one, if not with a steady hand you should still be able to get a good image. there is going to be a full moon the next couple of nights..i'll be looking for your posts!

jane augenstein said...

Sarah, it's good really!!!

Cowgirljlynn, my husband loves hot, hot stuff too!

Kac, on roast beef (I was gonna fix some today but I'm out of roast, have to get another beef soon) ham sandwich, mashed potatoes...everything! LOL email me and we will see! :-)

Lisa,too funny hair on your chest, I agree with you! What girl would want that??? Not me either. Heck no to the selling, we're gonna eat it all! :-)

Russ, thanks for the info. Just came in from shooting the moon.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Oh wow! I haven't had good horseradish in sooo long!


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