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Sunday, January 3, 2010

About these boots.......

Remember these? Well, I got them, couldn't wait to try them on....when I did I couldn't zip them up!!! I was soooooo disappointed, my calves are wide and I thought that these boots would have some stretch in them but no! I guess you have to have skinny legs to wear them, I used to have skinny legs....way back when. Hum, just when was that anyway??? LOL
Oh, well, I had to send them back and decided to order another pair of boots. Paddock boots this time.

Here are the ones I have now, Mountain Horse Rimfrost paddock boots. They are nice, and WARM and waterproof, good! The only thing they are very stiff but I just got them yesterday, hopefully they will get broken in before long. I have worn them twice to the barn and my feet feel really toasty and they have good grippers on the bottom.

What kind of winter boots do you have???


Kate said...

I'm a big fan of the Mudruckers insulated boots - I use the tall ones - they're not much use for riding but they're great for barn work.

Paint Girl said...

I like those paddock boots!
I need something like that, warm and waterproof!
I am wearing my Ariat's right now, I do get water leakage, which really sucks on a cold day. I brought my Columbia waterproof boots for the days I am in the wash rack a lot, but they don't have a hard toe, so if I get stepped on, ouch!
My feet stay warm because I wear wool socks, and I can't live without the toe warmers!

Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear the first boots didn't work out, they look really cool. I typically have the opposite problem, most boots are too wide for my calves, LOL! I guess we all have our issues. Love the new paddock boots! I wear a pair of MUCK brand boots, they have great tread, come up high on the calf (I tuck my jeans in) and keep my feet toasty. I have to wear thick socks with them, though. And I don't ride in them.

Amanda said...

I have Mountain Horse Rimfrost tall boots and I love them. have had them for years.

dexmangoldens said...

I have no boots for riding :(
But yours look really nice!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Darn! Sory about that. I have a problem with tall boots fitting over my calves, too. I can't order boots online at all.
Sadly my calves make it tough to find cowboy boots, too. I like to think we do't have fat calves, but muscular calves. hehe!
I tend to wear paddock/ankle style boots for riding. But I'd like to find some without laces because they inevitably come undone while riding or mounting. bah!

Those new boots look great. I hope they work well for you and soften up. Do they feel heavy?


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Sarah said...

Ooooo I like the paddock boots..alot!! I have the same problem Jane..big calves!! I wear a pair of hiking boots with Yak tracks attached for the ice!!
Have a great week, Sarah

photogchic said...

I have Tuffa boots from, love, love them. Worth the $225. And they come in wide calf...they call it "broad."

Desert Rose said...

Well...sorry to say I have no winter boots...but I do have muck boots!!!
Yours look nice and warm!


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