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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Snow

I thought this picture was just too darned cute! Pokey's little bristly mane sticking up with snow flakes in the dark part. The boys had come into the barn to get their breakfast covered in snow so I got out the camera and got some pictures.

Can you see me in Gilly's eye? I have purple sweats on, see? LOL The brightness of his hair on his face is coming from the open barn door....making his wet hair look silver.

This picture is blurred but still I find it very interesting. Snow on Gilly's tail hair, taken in macro.

The icy creek with snow falling down leaving a pins and needles look to the picture. The water was rushing by but a leaf is stuck on a rock under the ice overhanging the creek. Wonder what else was lurking under there??

Yes, that's my big feet in my new Mountain Horse boots. They are very warm and because of all the insulation and furry foot bed you don't have to wear heavy socks in them. Great boots and waterproof too....Lisa they are very light weight! I really like them. I hope it warms up some so I can ride in them to see how my feet feel then. (Don't you just love the purple sweats?) LOL


Anonymous said...

Love the snow pictures - thanks!

Paint Girl said...

Pokey's mane is so cool with the snow!! Looks awfully cold there, it is pouring cats and dogs here, ick.
I can't wait until spring!
Those boots look very warm and comfy!

Katharine Swan said...

Wow those boots look very warm and comfortable! I have a pair of Target snow boots that I usually wear the in the winter, or I wear my paddock boots with two pairs of socks, but I should probably invest in a nice insulated pair like this! Where did you get them?

Pony Girl said...

Beautiful pictures, Jane! Love the first one of Pokey's mane. Wasn't sure if your readers knew, but if they click on your photos, they get really big and you can see all of the cool details! :)
I wish I had some snow to take pictures of!

Julia said...

Beautiful! Sometimes I wish it would snow here just once in a while. But I can't have my cake and eat it too. ;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I LOVE your snow mane photos! They are very cool.

Nice boots, but I am too lazy to tie them- give me some slip ons.

cowgirljlynn said...

Love the picture of Pokey!! Like the boots too!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful photos! I had to laugh when you told me that was Pokey's mane because at first I thought it some dried flowers and shrubbery dusted with snow. lol! I know...I'm weird. hehe!

I love sweats....and purple is one of my fave colors. They are very comfy to ride in, too. Why don't more people ride in sweats? The new Breeches! lol!
The boots look great!



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