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Friday, January 1, 2010

One gift.....

I forgot to add this in with the Christmas gifts post. This gift was from my friend Sheri; this little doggie looks like our little Chihuahua, Beanie. Beanie has been gone now for 6 years....we still miss her a lot. She was a little queen and ruled the house and Mike was her human; she had him wrapped around her little white paw!


Dusty Devoe said...

Cute! My sister gave me a candle in a tin with a beagle on the outside of it. Our Riley has been gone 4 yrs now, and I can't burn it. I am afraid I would throw it away when it was gone, and it reminds me of him so much.

jane augenstein said...

Dusty Devoe, ahhh, that's nice...we love our four legged babies don't we?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, what a thoughtful ornament gift! Your chi sounded charming!
I do love special ornaments, too. They mean so much more than a tree just covered in balls and tinsel.


Jacque. said...

oh, Jane...that is so cute...and such a wonderful gift! I looked at your other gifts...WOW! Ya got some great stuff! Love the jewelry!

jane augenstein said...

Lisa, yes, little Beanie was a very special little dog. So this ornament will be cherished.

Jacque, it was so nice to get that little ornament; yes, I did get some nice jewels! :-)


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