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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and still... it snows........

Lucy this morning in our driveway, as the snow falls down on her. She seems to love the snow, will curl up and sleep in it and be completely covered! She does have a really nice dog house to sleep in, double walls and floor with insulation in-between with lots of cedar chips for a bed. She just likes to be out in the snow; not me!

This is looking up the creek to our neighbors, snow, snow and more snow!

Looking down the creek to the barn and out buildings. This is the way it has looked all day, with the snow only stopping for about an hour before it started up again. The weather forecast for the last two days has said 1 to 2 inches of snow......I think they miscalculated that one!!! We have 6 or 7 inches maybe more!!! It is pretty though, all stuck to the trees and fences.

"Will you stop taking pictures!!! Lets go do something!" Whinny dog!!! She always gives me this look when I lag to far behind, she wants to run a play. I kick snow up in the air and she will jump at it, silly dog! Another favorite thing for her to do is start up in the yard, our yard in very sloping to the road, on her back and wiggle her way down through the snow in the yard, almost to the road. Looks like a saucer sled went through the, just Lucy on her back, funny dog!

(click on pictures to make them larger) I see two hungry boys waiting for me! They are always hungry, or so they say. Pokey had just let out a very loud "HEEEEE-HAAAWW" right before I snapped this picture; as he has gotten older his voice has become quite large for one so small.

I'm getting closer! Now Gilly is nickering for me to hurry up, he is on his last leg and may just fall over if I don't get there fast!

On the way back to the house, I got this picture, everything looks so dreary! I tried to lighten it up a bit but not much luck. Our house is up on a bit of a rise and I was down in the road so it appears to be at a funny angle. I would have to walk through the creek and up a steep hill to be level with the house. I can see that come spring the house is due for a power washing! Green stuff grows on the vinyl siding down here in the hollow.....uck!

The creek is partly frozen and the water is rushing under some icy overhangs. Oh, that looks COLD! Lucy will walk down into the creek to get a drink of water....akkkk...I just bought her a heated water bucket...she hardly drinks from it; prefers the ice cold water! She is one tuff dog!

Snowflakes on our wood steps! I am amazed at what beautiful things they are; each one a masterpiece in itself!
I leave you with that because it's time to feed the boys again; they have been patiently (or not) waiting since 3:30, it's now 4:15 for their supper. They always hang out at the gate where they can spy on the house for any movement, which when seen they will loudly announce they are starving!!!
I usually feed somewhere between 4 and 5 in the evenings and there have been times when they will come to the back of the house, the fence is only about 20 feet from the kitchen window. When they are back there they are peeping Tom's and any movement they see in the window will result in a lot of noise from them! They are trying to teach me to feed them when they speak.....sorry boys, your feeding schedule is on my time!!!


Kate said...

The snowflake photos are amazing - thanks for all the snowy pictures - we're due for more ourselves on Thursday.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Beautiful snow pics! The close up of the snow flakes is amazing -- little masterpieces, yes. Your Lucy is so cute. She looks to have a very thick winter coat, so the snow is no big deal to her, just lots of fun to play in!
Enjoy the white stuff!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello.

Dusty Devoe said...

Jane, your pictures are beautiful. Love the snowflake and the creek. Lucy is adorable. She reminds me of Paint Girl's aussie, Sadie. Any dog we have ever had loves the snow. I wish we would get some.

jane augenstein said...

Kate, thanks I need to try and get some even closer! It's still snowing and piling up!!!

Bridget, thanks for stopping by! Lucy has tons of heavy hair and her feet are hot enough to melt the snow LOL

Dusty Devoe, thank you! Yes, everytime I see Paint Girls Sadie I think of Lucy. Want me to send you some snow??

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh what wonderful pictures Jane..the snow crystals on the step..magical!! Still....we have no snow at all??!! Go figure!!
Hugs, Sarah
BTW Love the boys..giggle and you sweet pooch!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Jane the picture of the snowflakes is amazing - almost like they aren't even real!! We are due to get snow on Wednesday evening, they are forecasting about 4 inches, there probably isn't a loaf of bread to be bought in the county! We have very little ability to deal with snow here since we don't see much of it, so it is cause for mass hysteria.

Pony Girl said...

I LOVE the pictures, such a peaceful, winter wonderland. I am SO jealous! Those are amazing pictures of snowflakes! Did you take them on macro? They came out so detailed!
Funny how horses have those internal clocks for feeding time....they just know! Around 3 My Boy will wait by his gate or feed bucket, too!

Thistlebrooms said...

I have to say I too am amazed with your photo of the Snowflakes, just beautiful Jane...
Lucy is such a Pretty Lady, when I kick the snow up in the air my Silly Boy jumps up like he's a pup again then tunnels through the Snow...I think snow brings life back into even the Old ones...(He's only 4 though!!!)
I love your pics and keep going for those walks and snapping those photo's...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous photos. Snow is always so photogenic isn't it? Even though it's cold and makes things more difficult I'm glad we have it to enjoy, if even just for those beautiful wintry scenes and snowflakes. Aahhh! Your snowflakes photo was captured perfectly. Wow!

It's so funny how the critters get so impatient for their food close to meal time.

When daylight savings comes, it really messes things up, because the animals think when it gets dark, I'm late at feeding them. But during the summer I'll feed them around 6-7pm...and it's still daylight, while in the winter, it's dark at 5pm. bah!



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