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Monday, January 11, 2010


OK, so where is my cookie??? I have been waiting and waiting, hand it over!
That's Lucy our Australian shepherd, we got her from the pound....yep she is a pound puppy who is now 10 or 11 we aren't sure. She is such a good girl! When we had cows she was the calf babysitter. She guarded the babies in the field and the moms didn't seem to mind her there at all! Her herding and protection instincts took over; if one calf got separated from the rest she would herd it to it's momma. I never taught her how to herd cattle, cause I don't know how to teach her and never could find anyone in the area either.
Lucy is a good varmit dog too. No ground hogs, raccoons, rats, mice squirrels anything that she thinks shouldn't be here they are gone! Lucy is also my companion when I ride Gilly, she tags along everywhere we go.
Ever after at the door begging for a cookie and she always gets one!!!


Katharine Swan said...

What a good girl! She is very pretty too!

Paint Girl said...

Lucy is a good girl and so pretty! She reminds me a lot of my Sadie!

Pony Girl said...

She does remind me a lot of Paint Girl's Aussie. Aussies are pretty cool dogs! I love their unique coat patterns. I think it's great you adopted her, and that she has a home she can "work" at. Those working dogs like to stay busy (keeps 'em out of trouble! ;)

Thistlebrooms said...

One of the most intelligent of Dogs Jane...It IS plain instinct..just doin' her job, what a good girl!!!
Love those Pound Puppies...

Sarah said...

Awww sweet girl!! Don't ya love good pooches!! Give her a cookie for me!! Hugs, Sarah

Fantastyk Voyager said...

She definitely looks like she should get a cookie. Such a sweetie!

photogchic said...

Love Aussies. We always had two growing up. Great trail companions. If I didn't live in the city...I know I would have one.

Desert Rose said...

Lucy is very pretty and so lucky that you choose her!!!!

Dusty Devoe said...

I was just thinking the same thing my Paint Girl wrote! She looks like her Sadie. Lucy is a cutie!

Leah Fry said...

Mr. Fry would say she's too smart to live here. We have a bunch of dummies.

Oz Girl said...

There is nothing better than a good loyal companion dog. I love my aussie girls - Tori is Tom's (even though she was MY dog) and Trixie is my girl. Tori has an absolute fit if Tom goes outside without her. I had her on the leash yesterday while he was feeding the horses, and she was at her wit's end trying to be at his heel. You should just hear her ear splitting yowls!

Your Lucy is such a pretty Aussie. She's a lucky girl to have you save her from the pound! :-)

jane augenstein said...

Katharine, she is a good girl.

Paint Girl, thanks, your Sadie is a beautiful dog.

Pony Girl, I too love the blue merle coloring of Lucy and Sadie!

Marilyn, she is a smart girl and loves cows and the horse and donkey. She and Gilly are really buds!

Sarah, thanks!

Val, she knows shes a good girl and is always at the door looking for a handout!

photogchic, Lucy is a great companion when on the trail.

Desert Rose, I am glad to have her, she's a good dog.

Dusty Devoe, every time I see Sadie on Paint Girls blog, I think of Lucy.

Leah, LOL

Oz Girl, those Aussies have a mind of their own!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a sweetie. AS always seem to want to work. And she created her own job. Good for her.
She deserves a cookie...maybe two. hehe!



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