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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got an award!!!

I got the Kreativ Blogger award from my good friend and fellow hooker Jacque Anderson! I can't believe it, me getting an award for writing and showing off pictures of my farm and mostly for Gilly and Pokey.........they are more famous or infamous than me! LOL
Thank you Jacque, so kind of you to think of me. Jacque's blog is listed on the right, favorite places to visit. Check out her blog, always something interesting going on there!

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

1. I may put the logo on my blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Since I am new to blogging I don't have a huge list of bloggers on my site but here are some that I am going to nominate.

Julie Zickefoose - my neighbor and friend, writer, birder, photographer and has a great blog to read, always an interesting read.

Beth Nash - of See My Art, also a neighbor, friend, artist; I used to work for her when she made painted silk clothing........I sewed the clothing.

Mary of Mary's View - wonderful pictures, great writer; she always makes me laugh when I read her witty blog!

Jean of Blue Jean Primitives - very talented artist and has a blog that oh, so fun to read!

Jen of The Prairie House Primitives - fellow horse lover and like me used natural horsemanship for training our beloved horses. Talented maker of very primitive goods for your home. Has some of the funniest names for her pets...........just ask her!!!

Thank you again, Jacque for bestowing this honor on me!!! Now, everyone go check out the people I have nominated!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ride in the woods................

Gilly and I went for a ride in the woods on the old road that runs through our property. I turned Pokey loose to see what he would do, he is checking out the road that we were on.
Pokey is just to the left of the camera, you can just barely see him in the corner. Gilly was looking ahead to see where Lucy and Gonzo were. Gonzo is standing in the middle of the road looking pretty stupid for some reason. Lucy is always on the hunt for rabbits, squirrels or anything that moves............deer she has given up on, they run too fast!
Pokey thinks this is alright, he gets to nibble on grass along the way......
I held the camera out to the side and snapped this picture, surprised it turned out. Pokey was trailing a little behind Gilly...............

We came upon some thick grass here and Pokey ran ahead to get some of it; this is a nice open area in the road and lots of tall grass to the left.I am sure that Gilly is saying, "Hey, how come I don't get to stop and eat like the kid does?" He sure wanted to stop and eat but not while we are riding............he has a job to do and eating along the way isn't it. Grabbing a bit along the way turns into a bad habit so we won't start it, then it won't be a problem. Sorry Gilly, you have to wait until we get back home.

Norman and kitty.............

At Robin's farm this kitty was in the barn playing with a piece pf string, having a great time chewing on it........
This is Norman, part boxer and who knows what else, he is a BIG boy and very friendly!
Norman loves his monkey, he has his own toy box in the house........Robin says that his favorite toy of the day is always at the bottom of the box so he has to empty the whole toy box to find it! Of course he never puts his toys away!

This is a fountain in the pond up behind the house..............BEAUTIFUL and so peaceful, wish I had a pond and fountain..........ahhhhhh!
More pictures from Robin's below.

More flowers

Visited a friends home a few weeks ago to see her flower garden. This blue gazing globe was one thing that really caught my eye! I have never seen one that has the swirls in it like this and I love the deep cobalt color.........beautiful!!!
Tobacco plant with beautiful pink flowers.................
Gorgeous gladiolas the colors reminds me of wonderful sherbet!

A double lily, almost knock your eye out orange!

A bee getting his lunch on this purple cone flower..................

Cone flowers by a wishing well and a statue of a little girl among the flowers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gilly's meets small humans............

I took these pictures the 10th of May then forgot to post them. Gilly's first meeting of small humans. I wasn't sure what Gilly would do when he saw kids up close, when people would come out here before with children he wouldn't come down off the hill to the barn. Any stranger as a matter of fact he wouldn't come near them. So this is his first time actually meeting them.

The little guy, Thomas, was laughing as he reaches up to try and touch Gilly's nose; Gilly is giving him the eye as mom pets him. Just what is that small thing on the ground????
If you look closely you can see those little fingers are up Gilly's nose and in his mouth!!! Gilly didn't bite him, thank goodness! I think somehow animals know babies and won't hurt them.
Here Gilly was nibbling on little Kevin's shirt but didn't bite, just tasting I guess. "Let me see what you taste like little boy!" Neither boys were afraid of him. They wanted to pet Pokey but Gilly would move him away from them.
As Kevin reaches through the gate to touch Gilly, he is smelling his head. I held my breath at times, thinking....Gilly please don't bite. But he couldn't seem to get enough of the smells of little ones. I am sure he was wondering what they were!
Now look me in the eye little boy...........gee you look like a human and smell like one, how did you shrink so small?????

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!!!!

Happy 4th from Liberty Homestead Farm!

Morning Creek Crossing

We have had a lot of rain the past few days and the creek is up. Gilly and Pokey are now in a field across the road from the house and have to cross the creek to get up to the gate where I feed them. They have a shed back the hollow for shelter, which they seldom use, unless to get away from flies. I wondered if they would cross the water since it was getting deep; Gilly starting in...
Gilly is half way across now and the water is almost to his knees; Pokey is following right behind.
Pokey now starting into the deeper water, Gilly is coming out. This little creek is usually not to where Gilly is now.
Pokey coming out of the water, he didn't hesitate at all, just followed his big buddy Gilly.
This evening the water was up a lot higher, but I didn't get any pictures. Still both came across the water without a thought; it was up to Pokey's belly!

July 4th breakfast

Gilly and Pokey having breakfast of oats and their vitamins and minerals in the rain. I started using rubber feeders because Gilly will pick up the ones that hang over the gate and throw them on the ground. What a brat! The rubber ones they can't hurt, they have already walked in them chewed them and flipped them over. I usually stay by the gate until they are finished eating and grab them out of harms way.

Pokey getting a lick of salt after breakfast..................
Gilly thinks he will have some too.
Pokey thinks the grass is always better under the gate. Look at those little teeth nipping off the grass. What a cute little face!

July 4th drive in the rain

We decided to take a drive today, it's been raining all day so we couldn't do anything outside. On our way out of the hollow we passed a neighbors sheep. They all stood and watched us drive by then took off running up the hill. Silly sheep.
Down in another hollow water was pouring off the hills onto the road ways and ditches. Thought this waterfall was beautiful, falling down the rocks into a pool below; a small waterfall but none the less, beautiful.
I tried and tried to get a good picture of the blue heron but try as I might this is the only picture that was half way good. He kept flying off every time we would stop the truck so get a shot.
On the final leg of the trip home I spotted these vultures waiting for something in a pasture field. Rather ugly birds but they do have a purpose.........wonder what they were thinking sitting there in the rain?

July 3rd

This is Raymond, he's worked for my husband for 20 years; Thursday we had an appreciation dinner at the shelter close to the office. My husband owns and operates a heating and air conditioning business; Raymond was the first employee hired and still hanging in there!
Raymond opening his gift........
wish I had gotten a better picture of this beautiful clock, it's called a Solstice clock. You can see all the gears in it.
Then there is the card, dog looks like a dog we used to have......."Give me five.....Congratulations! Raymond has dogs, cats, chickens and card fits right in with the collection of animals.
Jennifer, our daughter, who is also the assistant office Raymond a hug; probably for putting up with her some days!!! LOL

Getting ready to eat. Jennifer had a caterer come with wonderful food for our meal. Not everyone could make it, they sure missed a great evening. Jennifer with her appreciation gift..........
Jeanie the office manager, her husband Michael, my husband Mike (the business owner) and Jennifer.Jennifer giving her dad a hug..........ahhhh!
The nicest thing for me was........I didn't have to cook dinner or do dishes that night!! hehehe
Next year Jennifer will have 5 years (opps! daughter has informed me that I have to change this; she will have 10 years in working for dad!.......where DOES the time go????) in working for dad, and three other employees will have 10 years in.........oh, boy, another party!!!


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