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Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the winner is......

Charlie and I went to obedience class for 6 weeks and Charlie learned a lot and this is what he got for his efforts. A certificate and a blue ribbon, what a good boy he is! Would like to take him to more advanced classes and am thinking about it. He catches on fast and is eager to please.
He is also becoming quite the farm dog. So far, red fox 0, Charlie 1... blue jay 0, Charlie 1...opossum 0, Charlie 1...mole 0, Charlie 1. I hate that he killed the red fox but I wanted him to take care of the critters around the place and he is doing his job.

Yes, I know I haven't been on here again. Since last time I wrote on here, I have had surgery on a torn meniscus, September 30, the surgery was December 10th. Had the first two injections of Euflexxia or Hyaluronic acid starting two weeks ago. I have the third one next Tuesday, it is starting to help somewhat but will know more a couple of weeks after the last shot. Is it painful to get the shots? Not really, bit of a sting at first and some pressure in my knee as the fluid goes in but not bad at all.
I have only gotten to ride Gilly twice since I tore the knee up, back in October and once a couple of weeks ago. It's been a long painful 6 months, so much so that I haven't done much of anything, pain can do crazy things to you. Glad it's almost over or I hope it is. The orthopedic doctor said if this doesn't work a knee replacement is next. A lot of arthritis in my left knee from old traumas as a kid.

Christmas Charlie

 These next pictures are of Charlie's first snow. He LOVES snow and had a ball playing in it. If I made snowballs and through them up in the air he would jump really high and catch them! He is spring loaded for sure!

Charlie's dad, Blue Heeler, Diesel 

Charlie's mom Gracie, Australian Shepherd and dad Diesel. 

Of course Gilly has to be in here too, in the snow waiting for supper.


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