The adventures of Gilly the rescue horse and his side kick and partner in crime, Pokey the donkey.


Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black Cat in Pumpkin

Here is a hooked rug that is for sale on To Dwell in Primitive Thymes
Our theme for this month is Halloween. This rug measures 13"x13" and is hooked on linen burlap for sale at $165.00 plus shipping and insurance is you want it. To see more of my hooked rug go to my web page, Liberty Homestead Rugs on picture trail.
I can't believe that Halloween will soon be here and Christmas is right on it's heels.....where ever did the year go???? Time seems to be flying by faster and faster each year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gilly in a barrel

Gilly is checking out a plastic half barrel that I use for jumping and such. He is so nosey, he was also biting the edge of the barrel trying to pick it up.

Here I am tapping Gilly on the withers to get him to step forward into the barrel.
Here we go, he has one foot in it. See he is doing it by himself. He isn't afraid of things like this; which is pretty amazing considering the barrel will move when he steps into it.
Oh, brave Gilly, he has both feet in the barrel! Doesn't he look afraid? Not! When he stepped into the barrel it bumped against his knees and still he didn't seem to mind. This is a fun thing for him to do.
Here is the view from the back. Yep, both feet are firmly in the barrel. I need to think up a lot more things for him to do. The more things I get him to do the more he likes it. He will side pass over poles; back through L shaped poles on the ground. Once I even had him stand with his feet in a circle made of plastic flex pipe and move only his hind feet around the outside, pivoting on his front feet.
This boy has a busy mind and gets bored with the same thing. We will have to work on some new tricks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gilly jumps too!

Gilly won't be undone by Pokey so he had to get into the jumping act also! One thing he loves to do in the round pen is jump the poles, barrel or anything in there that needs jumped over. Once you get him started you can't stop him either. He will jump one way then spin around on one hind foot and jump again; maybe he should have been a hunter/jumper!He can jump much higher but he gets in such a hurry to jump that he will most of the time knock it down. Just having way too much fun!
I have no lead on him, he is doing this all on his own. He will race around the round pen flying over the jump, only to turn and do it again the other way.
This is after one of those sharp turns but in the next picture it looks like an almost mis-fire on his part..........................

Not sure what kind of jumping form this is??? LOL Looks like a racking horse taking off......or maybe it's the Tennessee Walker coming out in him. Odd form there Gil!!!!!

Pokey's learned a few tricks!

Here is a picture of me and sweet little Pokey! What a cute little face he has, but what is lurking in that little mind? The wheels are turning in there I can just see it, a leg-locking-you-can't-make-me-move thought has just occurred cause look at the next picture!!
He says, No-way, No-how are you going to make my tiny feet move where you want them to go.
Wanta bet there, Pokey-Pie???? Not only will I make you feet move but your little spotted hiney is going to jump the barrel!!!
OK, OK, so you got me to move.............hey, maybe this jumping isn't so bad after all!!! Watch me, watch me............I can jump the other way too!!!
Right, with a little help from the stick and string snapping at your spotted butt, you are a good little jumper. Hum, how about a spotted hunter/jumper donkey???? Now, where can I get a tiny rider?????

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Ride on the Rhino..............

My neighbor Kim and I went for a ride on her Rhino the other day. We went all over the place, mostly on the back country roads and over trails that only things like this or a horse could travel. After coming into Whipple, the small town, we crossed the old rail road bridge. As you can see the road way has been eaten out by time and other 4 wheeled vehicles and has a very steep drop off, you can also see that I'm NOT in the passenger seat anymore!

Yep, you guessed it, I'm a BIG chicken when it comes to things like this! I told Kim that I would, walk, slip, slide however, down the hill and wait at the bottom for her to pick me up!!
It doesn't look so steep from the bottom but, boy, at the top looking down.........well, that's another story. Kim drove down that hill just fine..........hum, well, maybe, just maybe next time I will be a little braver!
This is a barn with a big porch on it we passed on the ride. Tried to get a better shot of it; guess someone was going to make it into a home but never finished it.
interesting old barn along the way.............playing with the colorization on both of these pix.

Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st, Jennifer's birthday............

Today is our daughter Jennifer's birthday, this is the card I made her! I love making cards.........I use the program "The Print Shop Design Suite-Professional Edition" You can add your own pictures and really have some you can see Pokey is featured in the card also on the inside pictured below......well, I guess you can figure out how old Jennifer is........LOL.....not hard, huh?

Little Pokey in the picture above had been having a fit, and I do mean a fit because Gilly was out and he wasn't. A real temper tantrum.......... so hence the term, "an ass kickin' day"

I found these neat flip-flops on line at a site that donates some of the proceeds to help animal shelters and rescues. I got her quite a few things and some for me too!!! Hey, it's for the animals, right!!!??? This picture was taken at her dad's office before we headed out to lunch.
Jennifer just bought this Chevy Trail Blazer a few months ago, she loves it!! It is one nice ride. She has a canoe that she takes out on the ponds and creeks around here so she needed something to haul all her "stuff" and this does it really nicely; her dog Sophie loves it too!
What a treat for me, Jennifer drove today.........I'm liking that!!!We went to a really nice little cafe for lunch and sat outside in the shade of the big sycamore trees along Third Street. Jennifer not too happy about me taking her picture, like her father.........well, I think it's a good picture.

We were waiting for the girl to bring out our lunch so I stepped back and snapped this picture. Jennifer is happier with this one, she has her sunglasses on.

Who is that behind those Foster Grants???? Gee, must be some movie star, ya think????
This is one of the old restored buildings in Marietta; this is across the street from the cafe were we were sitting. Not sure if it was a school house or fire station, will have to check on that..........anyway it is a very nice building.This side of the street is lined with sycamore trees. Not a tree that I am crazy about but the second one out is particularly pretty with the mottled white bark.
After lunch we went to a coffee shop called Stoked, boy, do they ever have some WONDERFUL coffee creations! All kinds, hot and iced plus some fruit freezes that are positively yummy! We also picked up some chocolate covered coffee beans.............oh, yea, that's just what I need; I'll be wired all night after eating a few of those babies!!!!!
Took Mike in a sandwich and piece of Snickers Pie for the cafe and stuffed him........I am hoping that maybe I won't have to cook tonight???? I sure am not hungry.........I just need a nap!!!
No, wait I eat those chocolate covered coffee beans.......I'll be up all night!!!! ugh!


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