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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, this was my ride today....funny it sure doesn't look like Gilly??? Although it can buck and be cranky just like him! LOL So why was I on this mechanical beast instead of my trusty stead? Cause the dang township guys don't want to seem to do any clean up on the big tree that decided to fall, knock out the power and make an extremely large mess.

This was Monday morning, leaves and branches everywhere, where does one start? Today I couldn't stand it and got the backhoe and my friend and riding buddy, Kim, came up and helped me. We raked, shoveled, used a pitchfork and piled the stuff in the backhoe bucket and made 7 trips back the hollow to dump it on the big burn pile back there. Mike and her husband will get the chain saws out Saturday, if it's not raining and start cutting up the pieces that can be used in the wood burning furnace. Kim and Randy have an outdoor wood furnace so it will go down the road to them.

Mike was going to come home early so we could do more but it started raining before Kim and I got the last load we had raked up. I was actually glad to see it rain....Kim and I were whipped and dog tired. Yes, I am still hurting but I guess when things have to get done you have to put that aside for a bit.....

One more bucket load was left in the ditch by the road but that's another day! It's supposed to rain for the next 3 days, hope they are wrong, more work to do...if I can keep it up. Thank goodness for Sore-No-More!!!  Hummm? Maybe I should order a case of the stuff.
Hope I can get out of bed tomorrow....LOL

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

A big tree fell last night, Mike had worked all day putting on a new metal roof on one of our buildings. He had two more rows of roof to put on and it started raining, so we had to pack up and quit for the day.

We came inside, cleaned up, ate supper and were relaxing watching TV when, BAM...then the electric went off. Big tree fell, big tree. Mike went out and looked to see were it was. Right by the driveway and all over the road. This was 9:30, I called the electric company, they came out and restored electric; it didn't take out the lines but bounced them together to short out the power.

Mike worked for several hours clearing the road way so people could get by, one of the township guys came after I called to help with some of the clean up.

So with that said, today, Labor Day I fear we will be laboring with clean up. I am still hurting enough that I probably be much help but I'll do what I can. Township is suppose to come and help with the clean it is 1:30 and no sign of them yet.

Think I'll take a nap.......

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gilly meets Messina and Pokey gets a haircut

It's been a long month since I posted last. I have been trying to get weaned off the prednisone and it's not working too well. I have had an awful flair up of pain, so haven't felt like doing much of anything. It's been hot and humid here, horse flies are still bothering the boys so I only got to ride twice, when we had a few days of cool weather. Once Kim and I trailered over to a stable and rode in the indoor.

Last week I had a fairly good morning and it was cool, I took a chance and climbed on Gilly. I only rode for half an hour, my body wouldn't let me ride longer, Gilly was good so he made it a good ride for me.

The doctor bumped my meds back up so now I am starting to feel a bit better, it will take a while. Right now since the weather is horrible and I can't ride anyway, that's OK. Next week looks like the weather will be cooler and maybe, just maybe I will feel good enough to ride my boy. I sure miss riding him, even when he is a stink bug!

Kim's new horse has a new name, Messina. Nice name and it seems to fit her well. Below are some pictures of when Gilly got to meet Messina and Kim riding her.

Gilly and Messina first meeting. Gilly was really arching that neck to impress her. No squealing in this photo.

Yes, Gilly is a lot bigger than she is, he is a big boy. He must have been getting ready to lick her again, he loves to lick his friends, silly boy!

See what I mean. Here he is grooming her and she thought is was pretty nice. She did spend some time grooming him too. Lacy, she just stayed in the background and wasn't very interested in joining the group. We found out later her back was out, when the chiropractor came a few days later. No wonder she didn't want to play, she was hurting.

Here is a shot of Lacy and Messina finally being friendly and no squealing here. They are much better now, not very much squealing at all now. Lacy used to be the top horse in the pack but now Messina is. All she does is flick an ear or harden an eye and Lacy moves out of her way. The reason Lacy had back problems, she was kicking and striking out at Messina all day, Messina just moved out of her way. Silly horses!

Pictures of Gilly strutting his stuff for the ladies. Poor boy they really didn't pay that much attention to him.

Hey! Why is no one watching me? I was really doing some smooth moves for you ladies......where'd you go? Well, at least someone got it on film!

Pokey got a hair cut and he thinks he looks pretty good! I do too, what do you think?

I was cutting Gilly's bridle path one day and Pokey kept trying to get in between us. His was of telling me he wanted some attention too. So at first I trimmed him a bridle path, not that he needs one but he wanted me to do something to him too. A few days later I saw a picture of another donkey who's owner cut his hair like a crew cut then clipped to the neck about every other inch. Looked so cute I decided to give Pokey a cut like it. He thinks he is quite stylin'....LOL  My vet said he even really liked it.

I am hoping that when the weather cools down and my meds kick in that I can do more riding maybe next week. If I do I hope to get more pictures to post. Maybe I won't be so lazy and can post more about the happenings of me and my equine buddies!

Keep an eye out for more posts.......


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