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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Log Cabin

Last week I went with a friend of mine to see an old horse that used to belong to her. On the way there we passed this grouping of model homes. I have been by there before, you can see the fronts from the Interstate, we were on a gravel road behind them. I got her to stop so I could snap some pictures.
I just love this neat loag cabin! Love the green painted windows too. Downsizing to a house this size would be alright with me.
I didn't go up and look into the windows.........why didn't I??? Now I wish I had. Will have to wait until next time I travel that way again. I don't even know if they were locked or not. No one was around. Will have to check into it more and see if there is a business card or some information on this cute little house.

At the Fair

Now how cute is this??? Little baby goat sleeping in the corner of a pen. We went to the Washington County Fair the first of September, I took my smaller Kodak camera (didn't want to carry the heavier Canon), I only got a few pictures of the animals because the battery died!!!!!
I didn't bring an extra one either.............darn it!!! I checked it before we left home and it said it had a full charge but guess not.

Now I don't think that there is anything sweeter than a little baby pig!!! Here are a pile of happy pigglets! The ones that weren't eating must have had their bellies full of milk cause they weren't even aware of all the people and kids looking at them. I think there were 11 of them.
Oh, how I wanted to reach over the bars and grab that little black and white one!!! But baby pigs squeal like crazy when you grab them so I didn't even reach through to pet one. The mom was huge and she probably wouldn't have thought too much of me touching one of her babies!

Storm clouds

Well, I haven't posted for quite some time; why??? Been busy doing other things and time just gets away from you, you know how it is!
These are some pictures taken back in the middle of August. Kim and I were out on the Rhino riding the back roads and were going to head out another road going away from home. We saw these clouds and decided that we had better be heading for home............and pretty quickly too!
This first one was after a small rain; looking out over a hollow at the humidity rising up from the cooler hollow.
We didn't know quite what to think of this one. It looks like a funnel cloud but don't know. The two "legs" were coming up from the ground and reaching up to the darker cloud.
These clouds were spinning and moving fast.
The wind wasn't blowing very fast but the look of the clouds was pretty scary.
When we saw this on we decided that we had better get home as fast as we could. Looks like a twister in the making! It started raining when we hit the road going down into the hollow where we live. It didn't rain very hard and thank goodness the wind didn't blow very much since we were on an old unmaintained road and in the woods.
We sure were glad to be home when we got there........and shortly afterward it poured down the rain!!! Just glad I wasn't out riding Gilly in that!


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