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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I don't have any pictures to show.....yet! Gilly and I are going to ride out the old year and ride in the new again this year. The weather here is  about 43 degrees and slightly cloudy. I can every so often see a quarter moon peeking out of the clouds.
Pokey and Gilly are in the barn waiting and eating some hay, it's getting closer to time to go saddle up. Gilly got something in the mail today that he will be wearing. I don't know if he is excited or not, he's not saying! You can tell me what you think when you see the pictures, it's a fun thing!
Mike is taking pictures for me, hope they turn out good so I can share with all of you!
A New Year is fast approaching, time for looking forward not backward!
I'm ready, are you?
Blessings to All......

Thursday, December 29, 2011

War Horse

On Christmas Day Mike and I went to see the movie War Horse. I had been waiting and waiting until this came out to see it. I was wonderful, yes, some sad parts in it but still I loved it. Did I cry? Yes, some I held it together pretty well.

Baby Joey

Albert making friends with young Joey

Joey excepts the work collar, love this picture reminds me of Gilly.

Joey and Albert racing a car.

Joey is sold by Albert's father and starts his journey as a war horse.

Joey in the trenches

I loved the movie and plan on seeing it again with my horsey girlfriends. Mike liked it too but for the war part, I am the horse nut so I loved it! The sweeping scenery of the English countryside is beautiful. I would highly recommend seeing this movie. When it comes out in DVD I will have it, I have already bookmarked it in Amazon to be notified when it is available for purchase. Yea! 

Finder's Key is the horse that portraits Joey in the movie, really smart well trained horse. I found two articles about him here and here.
Here is a really good review written by Nancy Rojo of Horses are my Passion . 

Have a Happy New Year! If the weather is not too cold here I plan on riding from 2011 to 2012 to bring in the new year! If I do I will have pictures, Mike said he will take pictures for me! Yea!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
To all my Blogging Family!
Have the best ever Christmas!
Blessings to All!
Jane and the Boys

Friday, December 23, 2011

New fabric for pads

  Went to Neff's Country Loft in Belpre Thursday and .... oh my ... look what I found! I love, love, love old looking fabrics and these look like Civil War fabrics. Not sure just how I will incorporate these into saddle pads but I will.

The one below is a green shade, hard to describe but it is beautiful and the eagle border is on both sides so lots of possibilities here. 

Stars and strips below is really beautiful and the blue star with red stars surrounding is gorgeous. I want the blue star for the back corner, will have to do some piecing here. Kacy, are you seeing this one???

The four fabrics are Laurel Bush designs that are now discontinued and really hard to find. Love her work, so sad that she passed away in 07. An extremely gifted and talented woman.

 This is one of the bright horse designs I found not as eye catching as the bright horse heads, as below but in the bright colors. Everyone loves it so it's pretty much vanished. I did find some on eBay that someone is selling for $25.00 a yard!!! I won't be buying any of that!

These earthy tones are beautiful but not as bold as the brights. Of all her fabrics I have seen I have to say the bright dancing horse head fabric is my very favorite.

I like the bunched up herds of horses in the above one. Dappled horses or Appaloosas?

This last one reminds me of ponies playing. I have to stop collecting fabric and get busy sewing! But.....I have always been a fabric collector. When I was making quilts I really collected fabric and still have many, many yards of fabric waiting to be turned into something.
I know my taste in fabric is not everyone's taste and that's OK. If no one buys them Gilly will be the best dressed horse around, he doesn't complain about color or design, he just wants them to feel good on his back.

Only one more shopping day everyone ready? I am! :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scarlet dressage pad

Here is a new pad hot off the sewing machine! Deep scarlet, it may appear an orange red but isn't. The Dancing Horse head fabric in the corner is almost gone and I can't find any more, it is being discontinued, darn!
This pad measures in the spine 22 inches and the drop is 21 inches. I don't put the front billet strap on unless someone wants it on, I never use mine and know other who don't like them and will cut them off.
I love the color of this one, really bright and colorful. It's listed on Gilly Wear web site and is $79.00 if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two more new pads and a sale

I am having a one day sale on my Facebook page, Gilly Wear  (click to go) one day only tomorrow Dec. 14th $5.00 off all pads but you have to buy it from the facebook shopping cart, not my Gilly Wear web site.

 Here are a couple of new pads I just added. Love this fabric, Star Spangles Strips dressage pad, did some fun quilting on this one and I really like the colors here too....more purple!
This one I had so much fun doing, free motion machine quilting. This one is an all purpose pad, the fabric was called Terra, I call the pad Terra Firma but it kind of looks like fried eggs on drugs! LOL  I do love the colors and the shape, I may have to buy Gilly an all purpose saddle pad if this style doesn't sell so I can use them myself. heehee

Thursday, December 8, 2011

More saddle pads....

 This is the latest saddle pad I finished the other day. (All purpose, spine 21" drop 17".) It was spoken for but so far the person who wanted is hasn't contacted me. It could be for sale if  I am not contacted soon. I love this fabric, so bright...usually I never go for fabric like this but wow! This fabric is also discontinued, so sad the designer died a few years ago and the company has decided to discontinue her fabric line.

 This dressage pad has a military look to it, (spine 22" drop 21") smokey blue and black stars. I thought about doing flap piping of red but at the last minute used this gold fabric. I like it!

 Now this one is a wenglish one for sure! Western looking dressage pad (spine 24 1/2" drop 23") I have added some buttons and beading to the end of the swallow tail. This one doesn't have the strapping to hook to the billets, I don't very often use them; thought I would leave it off unless requested to put them on.

 For the under pad I used cotton plaid flannel, nice and soft next to the horse.

 Close up of the beading and button. I also did a machine blanket stitch into the black binding, makes it look more western.

This is Gilly's wool pad I made him awhile back. I added some wool stars and hand stitched (blanket stitch) the purple stars on. I may add some bead work to it also. He needs a little bling on his stuff too!

It has been rainy here for days and days. Gilly loves the mud so no riding, I think he coats himself with mud on purpose just so he doesn't have to do any work. Clever horse isn't he? Weather is turning colder too, need to get some warmer riding pants so I can stand to be out for hours on end. Do they make those snuggy thingys for equestrians??? And just how would that work? Hum???


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