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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Thursday, February 26, 2009


Now THIS is my idea of a COWBOY!! (sigh) Tom Selleck, oh, there are others too, Sam Elliott for one they look so good as cowboys. I have a BIG collection of their cowboy movies.
(Yes, it's crappy weather here and I haven't been out taking I'm dreaming a little....of spring and cowboys!! LOL)
I hope that spring is just around the corner, I am so tired of this cold, snowy, icy, muddy, unbearable weather! The winter doldrums, if the sun would peek out it would help.

Tomorrow my friend Kim and I are going to get her new companion pony for Lacy. Lacy will be thrilled to have a companion of her own. She always tries to steal Pokey from Gilly; it never works though. I will have the camera ready tomorrow to get some action shots!

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Snow and a Two Headed Equine

Pokey says, Hey Lucy what's up?? Come over here and let me bite your neck!
Pokey likes to chew on Lucy and sometimes he gets a little too rough for her liking, but then Gilly will do the same thing to her. She will squeal and snap at their noses but then come right back for more. Funny how animals play!

Pokey was smelling under her chin and Lucy will just stand there while he does. Sometimes she will turn her head sideways and let him smell or chew on her neck. It takes awhile for one of them to get a good bite on her because he has such a thick coat of hair.

Now Gilly is getting into the act and leaning over Pokey to see what's going on. Pokey is still intent on getting a bite of Lucy.

Gilly now has his face right beside Pokey's little face and his neck in entwined with Pokey. Looks like a two headed equine for sure! Lucy is still waiting for them to chew on her neck, come on guys lets play!! (click on the pictures to enlarge them)
We have several inches of snow on the ground and I am wishing it would just go away! I want spring and warmer weather so bad! I did get to ride Gilly last week for about an hour, ahhh, it was wonderful!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New CD clock

Back before Christmas Mike and I went to an art show at the local community college. (Mike and my friend and neighbor Beth Nash) Mike thought he was funny by giving Beth some bunny ears, she didn't know he was doing that. I worked for Beth for 10 years sewing clothing; she air brushed designs on silk clothing. It was a fantastic job, I got to stay home and work, several years ago Beth decided to teach at Marietta College, ending the clothing line. Beth's web site of paintings.

Beth does paintings now and some of her work that really caught my eye at the show was this clock face of a horse, kind of reminded me of Gilly so I had to have it! It now hangs right by my computer so I can see it everyday. Pretty wild, huh??? I LOVE it!!! Looks like Gilly from Mars, don't you think? If you click on the highlighted word "clock face" it will take you to her blog to see more of the painted faces on used CD's.......right used CD's what an ingenious idea, you rock Beth!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making coffee without a coffee pot

Several weeks ago our electric perk coffee pot died; this is how we made coffee.
Well, my husband lives for his morning coffee, me, I can drink instant with no problem! I always put flavored creamer in mine so doesn't matter to me. He drinks his black and strong.

He got up to get his first cup of coffee and found that the coffee pot wasn't working and no way to fix it. He took the basket with the ground coffee in it and put it in a pan of water. This is the process.

Water is starting to simmer and steam soon it was perking up the tube in the basket; I didn't know you could make coffee like this.......but then I am not that much of a coffee drinker.

I am sure that there is a better way to do this, like time it and such but after a few minutes the coffee in the pan was getting darker and stronger!

If you click on the picture you can see the bubble of coffee coming out of the tube and perking away. This coffee was pretty strong, I didn't try it.........ugh......but he said it wasn't too bad!
I'd rather drink orange juice for breakfast!!
We have since gotten a Mister Coffee maker but he is still looking for a part to fix the perk coffee maker. Why??? Just because he can! (sigh)me, I'd rather do problem solving with the horse! :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Friendship Heart

I got this lovely award from my friend Kacy over at All Horse Stuff.
This is what is said about the recipients given this award:
"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. "

I am supposed to bestow this upon 8 more bloggers. Not everyone likes to play so, if you play great but if you don't that's fine too, you choose! I share this with you, as my friend Kacy shared it with me.

Happy Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogger friends and all who my read this!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all who read my blog and especially for my horse friends near and far!
Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

Gilly's new bit

Here is a picture of the bit I got for Gilly. It has a center piece that is supposed to be good the mouthy horses; gives them something to do with their tongue. Gilly has only had it on once and he was chewing and mouthing it to get the feel of it. I hope that it makes his mouth a little quieter but we will see.

I don't know if the small center of the bit picture is big enough to see what it really looks like. If you click on it, it should show it larger.
Here is the info that came with the bit; I think I am going to like it!

The latest breakthrough innovation from Herm Sprenger, the WH Ultra Bit takes the revolutionary KK Ultra technology to the next level. Developed in partnership with Lisa Wilcox and Ernst Hoyos, the mouthpiece is very similar to the KK Ultra with the addition of a smooth roller disk in the center. The slight up and down motion of the roller encourages the horse to "play" with it. Ideal for "busy" horses or those learning new skills. The bits incorporate all the science and research found in the Ultra Bits with the 'in the saddle' expertise of Lisa Wilcox and the world class training of Ernst Hoyos. WH bits are now FEI approved. Aurigan mouth. 70mm stainless steel rings. 5 1/8", 5 1/2", 6". (6" in 16mm only).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gilly with his new bit

Here are a few pictures of Gilly, taken same day as Pokey Pie had his little ass fit. "But maw Gilly is out why can't I come out to play??.......waaahhhhhh!!!" What a baby and a spoiled brat Pokey is ... LOL Yes, we definitely are going to work on respect with that one this year! He will be going to "Ass Elementary School 101 in round pen" That should be some GOOD pictures then, will have to get Anna back over here to do the photo work for me. Which by the way, Anna did all the photos in this post also. Again thank you muchly Anna! :-)

Oh, and yes, I know that I have the nose band buckled in the wrong place. We had some issues about getting the danged thing on anyway. Besides he was just trying out his new bit and I don't leave the halter on with the bridle unless we are just working on line.

Don't you just love the outfit I have on??? Sweats, with mud on splashed there by Gilly, muck boots....grand attire for the muddy hollow!

Gilly is showing how flexible his neck is. He as done this many, many times; all I have to do is start to lift up the rein and his head comes around.

We do a lot of flexing before I ride; just to make sure he remembers so if I have to use the one rein stop he knows what he is supposed to do. So far it's worked every time he has tried to be a bugger.

Here he is flexing at the poll. When on his if I put pressure on the reins and squeeze my legs he will tuck his head like this. I was just touching his side with my hand to get this out of him, it works on both sides.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pokey being an ASS

I got Gilly out yesterday to try and work him in the round pen for a bit. Well, that didn't work out very well; it's still very slick outside. The ground is still frozen down a bit and the warmth of the sun has made the mud like grease!

Well, Pokey was none too happy about Gilly being out and him being in the field! You never heard such snorting, farting and whining as he did! Sounded like a two year old kid having a temper tantrum. I have to get that on video sometime, you will go into hysterics over the sounds coming out of him!!!

Here he is getting wound up. He will stomp his feet and his little tail will bob up and down and so does his head. He has a funny little neck and head jerk that he does to show his displeasure with me.

Please click on all the photos to make them larger so you can see the funny expressions on his face.

Check out the pointed little mouth on him, the madder he gets the more it points!

I thought sure he would get his head stuck in the gate but he managed not to.

This one is pretty funny he looks like a parrot here. Below is the funniest one of all though. Look at his tail, it's sticking straight up in the air. Oh, how I wish the gate hadn't been there so you could see the end of his tail with the funny hair on it. For some reason the hair has separated into two little switches and one side is curled and the other isn't.

He was really mad here. He did get to come out later and go for a walk; but he was really pissed and got several smacks with the stick because he was biting my coat and trying to walk all over me! Bad asses get their asses smacked for being bad. He finally straightened up but kept giving me the evil eye the rest of the day. I guess we will have to learn respect in the round pen when the weather is nicer. What and ill tempered little boy he is; hope he grows out of it. I am thinking I am going to have my hands full training this one.......Gilly was easy!!!
(All the pictures were taken by my friend and fellow horse lover Anna Halfhill Hendershot...she did an excellent job!...Thank you Anna! In another post I will put on more pictures she took of me and Gilly in the round pen.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Tractor Ride

I wanted to get this posted last night but didn't get it done so here it is today. Yesterday Mike and I were outside and he got the John Deere diesel out to run it for a bit. Hadn't had it out for awhile so it needed to run for a bit. He had gone back the hollow to our shed to check things out and came back to tell me about and iced water fall in one of the ravines. I couldn't get a really good picture of it but if you click on the picture it will enlarge.

So here is the first shot of it, there are trees and limbs sticking out of it. Wonder what else has frozen in there? I need to climb up there, when the weather is better to take some pictures of the rocks. I have climbed there before but didn't have the camera.

Below is the tractor we went back on; not a really comfortable ride for me. Sitting on the fender and having to turn your feet different ways to get a good place to stand and sit. I sure wouldn't want to ride for a long way like that.

Here is a close up of the rocks you can see just ahead of the tractor. Look at all the moss on them. It was so bright green, what a beautiful color!

This is looking at the stream heading to the shed. This stream connects to the larger creek that splits our hay field and runs along the road. The shed is just out of sight to the right. Below is a short video I did of the stream; it sounded so good that I wanted to share it with you. I also will at some point video the creek in front of the house. It makes more noise and I get to hear it everyday, love the sound!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pokey Wants His SUPPER!!!!!

I just filmed this as I was going to the barn to feed. I will have to try it again because I want to get a close up of Pokey making his noise! He is that little white speck down by the barn! Sorry I couldn't get any closer, I couldn't get the little bugger to do it again when I was standing by him with the camera, kids!!! He is hysterical when he does this!
That's Gonzo walking around in the snow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 about another glass of Lemonade or Two?

Well, I have been awarded another Lemonade Stand Award!! From Gail at Art by Gail H. Ragsdale who is one heck of an artist! Please go and check out her beautiful work. Thanks, Gail! As I was writing this post Sarah at Cottage Garden Studio another fine artist and all round great gal, so is Gail (smile) gave me another Lemonade Stand Award! You guys!!!

Pokey says, "Can you add some more sugar to my glass of Lemonade, it's a bit TART!!!!" Just before he lets out an ear splitting "Hee-Haw" right in my face. How can such a little guy make such a BIG noise and make such funny faces???

Gilly says he needs some more sugar to PLEASE! He is probably fibbing, he will drink anything and he really loves beer! OK back to business.......

Since this is the third time I have received this award, again thank you so much girls I really appreciate it and am flattered. But I am going to be like Pony Girl and break the rules. I am not going to name 10 people for the award I will let the others do it.

Well, it's off to the barn I go, time for the boys to have their supper.....hey it warmed up to 42 here today!!! It's supposed to be in the high 40's and mid 50's all next week!!! YIPPEEEEE!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ice and Snow

Here are some pictures of our ice and snow when the power was off last week. The orange dot in the trees is a repair man from the electric company working on the downed lines. I would hate to have a job like that, these poor guys worked tired, wet and cold to get the power back on.
A shot looking up at the granary roof with icicles.

Looking from the sunroom at the ice hanging off the roof.

Ice and snow covered the pines but we had no damage to limbs.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Award!

Thank you so much Gail for the art award! I'm thrilled you gave me this award for my drawings of long ago; and/or my photography.

Now I have to list seven things that I love, then pass the award on. Here they are the seven in no particular order.

1. I Love my Husband, of 36 years! :-) My family and friends, and my loved ones that have passed.

2. I LOVE my horse Gilly! He is a stinker sometimes but what a boy he has turned out to be! From a skinny little ugly duckling to a BIG beautiful swan!

3. I Love my special Music......the hauntingly sad melody's of Celtic, the music of the Civil War period, cowboy songs and songs about horses.

4. Love being Outdoors! I would rather be outside doing something (even cleaning the barn) than inside the house!

5. Oh, my furry babies I Love all of them and the ones that are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge........thanks for all the wonderful memories that you have left me with!

6. I Love reading horse books and collecting them....I have lots and lots!

7. really, who doesn't love chocolate? Fresh vegetables from my garden, grown in the good earth, and the smell of the fresh turned earth in spring.

Now I am to present the award to 7 of my favorite art blogs. Hard to choose, there are so many wonderful ones out there! Some have already been given the award and I am picking them again because I like them a lot! Won't it be an honor to receive it more than once? :-)

Gypsy Mare Studios

Art From Scotland

Equestrian Artist Jennifer Pratt

Island Pony Art Studio

Art by Akiko

Free Rein Art and Design

Gina M Hall Studios


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