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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas!

gilly card

I have been absent for awhile because 1.) I've been lazy 2.) I've been busy (playing with the computer graphics, see above)
I think LAZY is the number one reason I haven't been on here! LOL I have really wanted to post about my new bitless nose band I got for Gilly but haven't had the right weather or the time to ride so I can see how he does with it. If the weather will warm up a bit, I am NOT a cold weather rider. The weather here has been a damp cold, which I hate, it goes right through your bones, well mine I stay inside and wish I could be out there riding! (sigh)
Today I have pepper mustard to make, it's yummy stuff, for Christmas gifts, cookies to bake and presents to wrap and more cards and gift tags to make! Hard to believe that a week from today it's Christmas Eve!!!
Also we have been working on our downstairs bathroom! YIPPEE! Soon we will have a bathroom downstairs and the room finished! Then I am hoping that we have all the home remodeling DONE! Not one of my fav things to do and this one has really taken a long time. Tons of work that was done before we could even start on it. LONG story on that! A lot of the work has been behind the scenes and no one can see it, duct work for furnace, plumbing, wiring all done by Mike....I don't do crawl spaces! NO, NO....too many creepy crawlers under there for my liking....that's man's work! LOL

Enjoy the blingy card I made and click on the picture of Pokey to see it larger so you can read the writing!(if you click on Gil's picture it takes you to an ad, I couldn't get it off the picture! ugh!)



Leah Fry said...

That's some serious bling on Gilly.

I'm with you about the cold going into my bones. Makes me stiff and achy.

Dusty Devoe said...

What fun! How do you do that? I don't mind the cold, just hate the rain.

jane augenstein said...

Leah, yep, Gilly's got bling! LOL

Dusty Devoe, yes, it was fun to do. Go here ( to add bling to your pictures, that is the easiest one that I found. I'm sure there are a lot more out there. I don't like cold or rain. Damp cold is the worst! We had 19 degrees this morning....way to cold!

allhorsestuff said...

JANE!!! Love the Blinging Christmas
E Cards! Gilly looks so very handsome and festive there!
Nice sentiments too with Pokey!
I have had trouble with the 2#%??!!*xx computer keeps me from coming and it is working for some reason so I plunked out 2 posts hurriedly!

Yea...cold weather riding is not for all..and I think I do it mostly for stress has become very slick out to it is not easy going out to ride...totally have to boot her up for the roads, which are safest in these conditions.
You enjoy your remodel!! It sounds like you are due a rest kick back and love on your man and enjoy a log of warmth on the fire for all of us!
XO Love to you my dear hearted friend!
so sorry..our cold has gone your direction..hate those teens well!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Hi Jane!! Happy Holidays to you hon!! I do like that cool is that!! Hope all is well with you!! Wonderful to see you here! Hugs, Sarah

Pony Girl said...

Hi Jane! Merry holidays! I love your jingily blingy card of your handsome Gilly! :)

Paint Girl said...

Your card turned out great! Love it!!
The cold hasn't been any fun, I have to work out in it now. But I have survived somehow!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Happy Holidays Jane love the card and Pokey's Santa hat. We had a little flurry of snow more like a dusting of icing sugar on a cake but very cold brrrrr.

Rural Rambler said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours! Gilly looks very handsome, that bay boy and Pokey is, as always, darling!

Tracey said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card, Jane!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! Yes you have been a busy gal! I do love the pretty flashy graphics. Your guys are gorgeous!

Crawl way! You and I can just sit up on the porch and sip some cocoa instead. bah! or gah!



jane augenstein said...

Kacy, thanks, fun to make; love designing cards and such! Sorry that your computer is being a pill, I hate that!
We are still working on the construction, the vinyl flooring comes Monday for pickup. We are installing it ourselves....Oh, FUN!!! NOT!
Wish I did have a fireplace to kick back and watch the fire burn and sip a glass of wine or my favorite Bailey's Irish Cream! YUMM!

Sarah, thanks!

Pony Girl, thanks, doesn't Gil look good in bling?

Elizabeth, thanks, we now have about 4 inches of snow but it's starting to melt some. I do think we are going to have a white Christmas though.

Rural Rambler, thanks, the boys don't even know they are decked out for the holidays...LOL

Tracy, Thanks!!!!

Lisa, I do love playing with graphics! Thanks, it was fun!
Sure come on over and we can sit on the porch all bundled up, listen to the creek and drink gallons of hot chocolate....with some Irish Cream added! LOL


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