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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gee, it's been awhile!!!!

I am getting sooooo behind in my posting (sigh) have plenty to post about but just can't seem to get it done. 
This morning while at the barn, listening to the boys stomping around, flies or nats something bothering their legs. I decided to try something, a screen door if you will.
Since we have plenty of baling twine I thought I would use it to see if it would help with the problem. (see Gilly's hind foot?)

 Gilly peeking out of the barn, he didn't want to go through the twine hanging. I had to put the halter and lead on him to get him to go through but then he still really didn't want to. Not so with little Pokey!

 Let me have a go at it he said! Right through it he went and walked right up to me. Gilly is still hanging back in the barn.

 Pokey said that was fun!!! (notice he doesn't have ears on his fly mask? Gill pulled them off last year and I haven't made him new ones. I really need to because the flies really get his ears somedays.

 Pokey says, come on Gilly it's fun! Those string things kind of tickle when you go through! Gilly finally did walk through them and has been in and out ever since. I was afraid they would chew them up, especially Pokey but so far, neither of them has.
Hope they really do work keeping out the flies, hard to tell today. We had a huge thunder/wind/rain storm this afternoon and got almost 1 1/2 inches of rain! Crazy weather. We also cut our hay on May 30th and baled it on June 4th, it was calling for rain but luck was on our side and we didn't get any! The hay is wonderful, smells so good, 137 bales for the winter.

On May 31st a friend of ours came out and helped Mike put in a new door to our patio. The wood one was not doing so well, the inside of the glass was starting to steam up on both sides and it was not holding a finish well anymore.....time for it to go!!! Our new door is not a slider but a French type door with one door opening in and on the opposite side, the dogs are confused as am I! LOL I keep wanting to go to the other side to open the door, hopefully I will get it figured out!

 Door is vinyl clad inside and out, I am sooooo happy, no more painting! See Petey looking out, I see another pet eye glowing but don't know who it is.

 My trailer has a new resting place. We tore down a small fenced in holding lot by the work shed and Mike filled it in, since it sloped to steeply to the creek. Now my trailer is out of the way of him working on his equipment; baler, backhoe and bulldozer. This should also be easier to maneuver my trailer in and out of here! I am happy about that!
We also have a nesting barn swallow in the barn. Gilly's ear is pointing right at her. I was hoping that the strings on the barn door wouldn't bother her and it has caused a little concern but she and her mate are getting used to it. They can fly in above it, you can see in the first picture. I need to bring down a mirror sometime and see how many eggs there are in the nest. I love having the barn swallows in the barn; Gilly will have to watch his butt though.......last year she threw out poo from the nest right on his butt!!!

That's about all for now, I will have to try and do better at posting and about taking pictures, I have been lacking in that department too. Oh, one more picture. I took this from our upstairs window when it was pouring down rain today and then did some playing with a photo editing program.

Gilly is standing outside in the pouring rain, it must have felt good, Pokey decided to stay in the barn. Then as I was walking out of the room after taking this picture a bit of fur caught my eye in another room......
Smart Kitty, it was a good day for a nap!!!



gtyyup said...

You have been busy! I would never have thought of the "twine door"...if it works, use it!

Very envious that you've got your hay all stacked in for next winter...way to go!

I love that new header photo...really cute of the two BFF's~

Unknown said...

I've seen people make those baling twine strings to ride through. Have you heard of the penny in a bag of water trick? Google it.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

So nice to see you posted! You were on my mind this a.m.!!!
You have been busy, friend.
Love the new door-so pretty!
You know how I love your boys so thnks for letting me peek in on them today! made me so happy!
Keep posting, Jane!
xo, misha

Jacque. said...

Ingenious! So glad to see you finally post! Been missing you. Love all the your new patio door.

Paint Girl said...

Wow! Busy, busy!
Pokey is so cute coming out of the barn! Hope the baling twine helps!
Your new doors are similar to mine. They are like french doors but only one door opens...that is exactly how I describe mine hoping people understand what the heck I'm saying!
Thanks for the update!

Emme said...

Great pictures. I still hope to be invited out on day.....hint hint.

jane augenstein said...

Gtyyup it actually seems to work and they aren't chewing on it! They go in and out a lot so it must feel good to have the strings rubbing over them.

Sydney yes, I remember hearing something about the pennys in a bag of water. I thought it was to scare away birds too? I don't want the swallows to leave but the strings seem to be working!

Misha ahhh, thanks, I will try to post more often! ;-)

Jacque I've been lazy, LOL oh, the new door is really great, no more painting!!! YIPPEE!!

Paint Girl Pokey loves to run in and out of the strings and they really do seem to help, imagine that? French doors with a twist! LOL

Emme thanks, consider yourself invited! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

Oou, your kitty on the basket is too adorable! They do like to pick some choice places to sleep.

Ingenious that! In rather impressed with the use of the twine, Jane! Is it working? I'd hoped to see the Gilly coming long did it take him to brave?

I'm going to try something I read about flies and wears this weekend, at the beach. The nats(noseums) are truly horrendous there. VICKS VAPO RUB, in the ears...the menthol is why it works.

I totally cracked up when you called Gil the B name! Hahaha! Glad he graduated to a better standing. That trailer sheet is do you like it, is out diff to put on/off?

Hope it is nice for you this next couple well and rest hay!


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