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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Puppy

Lucy, we have had her for many years, she came from a shelter. She has lost most of her hearing and has arthritis now but still loves to go with me when I ride. Such a good girl.

She has been a good guard for the farm and has kept many critters out of the garden and the barn. But since she has gotten older she has let the critter population build up to where we decided to get a new dog to help out with critter control.

This is Charlie.....he is 11 weeks old his mamma is an Australian Shepherd, blue meryl; his dad is a Blue Heeler. I didn't see the dad but the mom I did see, nice dog too.

 Charlie sitting in the yard the first day on the farm. He is taking it all in.

 Here he is watching Lucy who was keeping her distance. What the heck it this thing, a pesky baby! ugh!

 Laverne telling the new boy how things are on the farm. I might be little but I will bite your butt if you step out of line youngster! And she does too, jumps on him with teeth flashing!

 Charlie is a happy little boy but he is growing fast! I don't know how big he will get, the mom is about the height of Lucy but not as heavy.

 Charlie looking so innocent, he was eating a cookie. He's a smart little guy and learns very quickly. He knows where the cookie jar is and when he comes in from going out to pottie, he goes to the jar and puts one paw on it. If you don't get his cookie fast enough, he will rattle the jar with that paw.

 Watching the dogs. He never misses anything, he has learned a lot just by watching the other dogs and me too. He is one smart pup!

Buster has turned into a grumpy fur ball, he really gets after Charlie if he comes too close. These little dogs are feisty, Charlie just jumps out of their way, then comes back for more.   

Belly shots, his is tri colored and his belly looks like it belongs to another dog! Right now his fur is as soft as velvet and very thick. Wonder what kind of hair coat he will have as an adult? Love that little tail too!

 Charlie's first horse ride. I was at a fun show at a farm and he was watching with me but Adrianna wanted him to be on the horse with her. He didn't seem to mind at all. He hasn't made friends with Gilly and Pokey yet, they are still pretty scary to him but he will come around. He didn't mind this because Bailey the horse didn't try to smell him.

Love this picture, Charlie getting hugs on horseback! Check out the saddle pad, I helped the girls at summer horse camp with a craft day. I put the white corner on the pads and they glued on rhinestones on for bling. They put their names or horses names on the other side. We had fun.

Charlie sitting watching me and check out the circle by his right foot, a four leaf clover! Lucky dog!

We had gone to McDonalds before going home, I had some iced coffee and he got a water and dog cookie!!! Taking a nap on the way home.....he was one tired pup!


Oak Creek Ranch said...

How are Australian Shepherds and blue Heelers with horses? I've always loved them but worried about the dog herding the horses.

Anonymous said...

Jane, Charley is a darlng puppy. I hope he's accepted into your family seamlessly and learns all of the lessons he needs to in order to keep the critter population down.


Paint Girl said...

Love Charlie! Those eyes are just too much!!
Lucy is such a pretty girl!!
I love my Aussie's and will never own another breed (maybe a Border Collie!) They are excellent farm dogs and are so good with horses, goats and cats!!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

OMG Jane he is soooo cute. Congratulations on the new furbaby. Pam


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